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How to use a prostate massager

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There are many taboos regarding anal, but don’t limit your pleasure by thinking about this stuff! A prostate orgasm allows to experience a new sensation and will make you healthier and more satisfied about your sex life. Reasons to do it. Why we need to stimulate prostate? Besides the fact, that its very pleasurable for every guy on earth, There are many health benefits. Prostate has a several functions: It helps with sexual satisfaction, It’s the male G-spot, It filters toxins, helps with erections, helping reduce urinary infections. It regulates and helps produce testosterone, prostate massage can reduce your risk of prostate cancer and prevent prostatitis, painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction,. Regular prostate massage can become an integral part of self-care, which is right for you and feels excellent. Moreover, stimulation of prostate can bring you to the pleasure that you haven’t feel before. The prostate is connected to the penis, which is why it’s so sensitive, You can come from prostate stimulation and its normal, its not related to regular ejaculation. The prostate is one of the male erogenous zones. Prostate milking may be very pleasurable. Because the prostate plays a role in producing semen, stimulating it may produce a more intense orgasm during ejaculation. And plus the introduction of butt play is a fun, healthy way to spice things up. So its only benefits and doesn’t hurt to try! The p-spot is a walnut-sized organ inside the rectum , it’ two to four inches deep. You can always use a prostate massager for performing a massage, their shape allows to reach this area easily. Here there are some tips how to use these toys: 1. Clean yourself. Start by using the bathroom, light a douche will help to feel more confident. 2. Wash the Toy . Even new toy needs to be washed. Wash it with warm water and soap or use a special toy cleaner before putting something inside. 3. Find the right position. Put your body and/or your partner’s body into a safe and comfortable position before inserting the device or applying any lubricant, he can lie on the back or on the stomach with the pillow under the butt. 4. Apply Lubricant. Be sure to stock up on silicone based lube, its very important, because only this type will fit for the first experiments with backdoor. Remember, that neither your intimate part or massager don’t produce any liquid, so without a special lube this experience will never be pleasurable. 5. Insert slowly. It requires smooth, slow penetration and maintaining in dialogue with your partner. When you try to insert something before it is relaxed, it sends nerve messages to the brain to close the muscles tighter, that’s where pain occurs. So the biggest task here- relax these muscles to make them open comfortably. Go slow, don’t move it back and forth. advice your partner to breath out, it’s a yoga technique, when it hurts, breath out and muscles will relax . The direction of the toy should always be directed towards the abdomen - not the back. 6. Increase the intensity. Once the device it inserted safely inside the body, start experimenting from lower functions and listen to partners reaction, its also a good idea to stimulate other zone during that. Push the massager deeper, but don’t go back in forth. Change the modes and intensities, twist it inside until the p is milking and your partner reaches the highest level of excitement. 7. After you are done, clean it off right away to avoid the mess and to make sure your toy material wont be destroyed by silicone lube. Clean it with warm water and soap or use a special cleaner. Let it dry fully, use a special container/cottong bag for Storage, no direct sunlight