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How to tease your boyfriend and make him want you more?

How to tease your boyfriend and make him want you more?
Teasing your boyfriend or being teased yourself can be incredibly fun - it can build up the desire to very high levels and help you have amazing, animalistic sex with an intense orgasm once the teasing is over. Plus, teasing is a great way to keep things spicy if you’ve been together for a while. Here are some great ideas for teasing your man:

Send him dirty texts to tease your man

One of the easiest ways to tease any guy is by using your phone! Just wait until he’s off at work or with his friends and send him a dirty text telling him how much you want him or what you’d like to do to him when he’s back home. You can even send him a sexy photo or even a video of yourself to make him crave you more.

Show some skin

Another powerful teasing technique is to accidentally flash your man. You can do it at home while changing, doing chores or getting ready but if you’re in for something a little more adventurous, try doing it in a car or even outside - just make sure that nobody else can see you and that you aren’t breaking any laws. Also, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to show your breasts or butt, even lifting up your skirt a little to show more of your thigh in public can be very sexy.

Use a lollipop - the ultimate ‘weapon’ of sexual teasing

Using a lollipop to tease your man and draw his attention to your mouth has become a cliche but it doesn’t mean that this method doesn’t work! In fact, watching an attractive woman suck a lollipop, play with a straw with her tongue or even eat a banana can drive pretty much every man insane with desire.

Forbid him from touching you to tease your boyfriend

One of the most powerful teasing techniques is to touch yourself in front of your man without letting him touch you. You can use this technique in many different ways - for instance, you can undress yourself and touch your thighs, lips, neck, stomach and breasts as a part of foreplay or you can full-on masturbate in front of your guy to torture him. This can also be used as a domination tactic in power play games.

Accidentally graze him with your body

This technique works really well if you’re in a crowded or public place. All you need to do is walk past your man and ‘accidentally’ brush up against his body with your breasts or butt for just a second. While other people probably won’t notice you doing it or won’t think anything of it, it will definitely change the course of your boyfriend’s thoughts.