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How to take a sexy selfie for your man?

How to take a sexy selfie for your man?
There are few things men love as much as receiving sexy selfies. If you want to spice things up in your relationship by sending your man a sexy or even nude pic of yourself - go for it! But if you’ve never taken a sexy picture before, it can seem quite intimidating, which is why we’ve prepared this guide with easy tips on how to take a great naughty selfie. 

What to wear for a sexy selfie?

This is the first question that comes up when you want to take a hot selfie. Luckily, there are probably lots of options in your closet already. Just think about all the clothes you own and find something that makes you feel or look particularly sexy - close-fitting office attire that makes you look like a hot teacher, see-through lingerie, heels, a wet white T-shirt or a button-down shirt - all of these are great choices. You should also put some make up on even if you don’t normally wear it to look especially seductive.

Find the right angle for a sexy selfie

The next important thing when taking a selfie is the angle. This about what looks good and don’t be afraid to experiment - try taking a selfie with your body straight or turned to the size, placing the camera above or below your body or even taking a selfie in a mirror if you want to show off your entire body or get your ass in the pic.  You should also try different sexy selfie poses - for instance, you can be standing up, sitting down or laying on a bed on your stomach or your back. You can also use tools like a selfie stick or a tripod to make the whole process of taking a selfie a lot easier. 

Add a filter to the photo

Let’s be honest - virtually any photo can be made better if you use the right filter and naughty selfies are not an exception. If your house doesn’t have the best lighting or if you simply want to brighten up the pic and make it look more professional, try using one of the thousands of filter apps to see if your selfie can be improved - just don’t get too carried away with the filters. You can also edit the photo to whiten your teeth, remove pimples, etc. if you want the picture to really be flawless. 

Safety considerations when taking a sexy selfie

One of the main rules for taking hot pictures safely is to keep your face and any other identifying marks like tattoos out of it since you can never be sure that the selfie won’t get into the wrong hands. Plus, make sure to use a secure messaging app to send it - Telegram or WhatsApp will work best for this. It’s also a good idea to delete the selfie from your phone after sending it or at least hide it from your gallery.