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How to swallow cum?

How to swallow cum?
If you’ve never swallowed cum before, you might be worried about trying it. A lot of men find it very sexy when a woman swallows their cum at the end of a blow job or after having sex and many women enjoy doing it too. No matter what your reasons for wanting to swallow his load are, you should know that it is a completely natural and safe act if you’re into it and if your guy is free from STIs. In fact, swallowing cum even has some benefits! If you’re excited to learn how to swallow cum, here are our top tips to get you started:

How to make cum taste better?

Semen usually tastes a little salty and bitter but the taste is completely tolerable and a lot of girls actually enjoy having their partner cum in their mouth. But if you don’t particularly enjoy the taste of cum, you should know that it is influenced by the food your partner has eaten a couple of hours before cumming, therefore, the taste can be improved by changing his diet. For instance, greasy or sulfur-rich foods like asparagus or garlic will make cum taste worse, while sweet fruits and juices can actually make cum taste sweet.

How to swallow cum?

Swallowing cum is incredibly easy - just let your partner cum into your mouth or the back of your throat and then swallow it just like you’d swallow food. You can also have some water, tea or juice ready to wash it down and make it easier for you. If you let your man cum more towards the back of your throat, you won’t actually taste the cum, but if you’re new to this, it can make you choke, so be careful.

What if I don’t want to swallow his cum?

Some women don’t like swallowing cum and it’s absolutely fine. If you don’t want to do it, you should talk to your partner and explain how you feel and why. Any loving relationship should have good communication and this applies to sex too. But if you don’t feel completely opposed to the idea of letting him cum in your mouth, it might be worth trying it just once - you might end up liking it or feeling neutral about it, you never know until you try. On the other hand, if you don’t want to swallow cum because you’re unsure about your partner’s sexual health or you have reason to believe that you might have a semen allergy, you absolutely should not have cum in your mouth until you or your partner see a doctor to clear up these concerns.