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How to satisfy your man in bed?

How to satisfy your man in bed?
Sex is a crucial part of a relationship, so learning how to keep your man satisfied in bed is absolutely crucial if you want your relationship to be happy and long-lasting. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind if you want to pleasure your boyfriend in bed:

Take initiative in bed

One thing that almost all men absolutely love is when the woman initiates sex first. Since in most relationships guys initiate sex much more often than women, taking charge and initiating sex yourself can help your man feel more desired and it can introduce a nice change of pace into your sex life. Plus, it will probably increase the amount of sex you’re having, which is also a huge plus.

Give him a great blowjob

It would be difficult to find a man who doesn’t love blowjobs, many men ever prefer them to regular sex, so it’s absolutely crucial to learn how to give your boyfriend an amazing blowjob, not just an okay one. Try to learn new techniques and ways to suck your man’s dicks really well. While some of the more complex blowjob techniques like deepthroating require lots of practice, you can try practicing on a banana or a dildo so you can surprise your man later with your new skills.

Learn to play with his balls like a pro

While some guys prefer women to stay away from their balls entirely, many men like some stimulation for their testicles and others even really love it when a partner touches, squeezes, licks, or sucks on the balls. If your man does enjoy some degree of testicle stimulation, make sure that you incorporate playing with his balls into blowjobs, handjobs and even sex.

Take active participation in sex

Very few people enjoy having sex with a partner who is completely silent and still throughout the whole process. Things like moaning, suggesting new positions, taking charge and being on top, pulling your partner into you and others can show your man how much you’re enjoying sex with him, which will give him confidence and make your sex better.

Try new things in bed to continue pleasing your man

Even the most pleasurable sex position and the best blowjob technique can get boring after some time. A lot of couples experience difficulties when they start settling down into a routine and sex and other things stop feeling as novel and exciting as they did at the beginning of the relationship. If you want to keep getting the same amount of pleasure from sex with your partner and keep pleasing him as well, you should try to vary your sex life and introduce new things into it. This can include new sex positions, inviting other people to watch or participate in different sex acts with you, having sex in new locations, trying bondage, etc. At the same time, you should keep doing things that already work well for you in sex.