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How to make yourself squirt?

How to make yourself squirt?
There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to squirt - maybe your boyfriend or husband finds it incredibly sexy and you’d like to surprise him, perhaps you’ve seen women squirt in porn movies and want to try it as well or maybe you just want to give yourself a challenge in sex and learning how to squirt seems like a good option for that. No matter what your reasons for learning how to squirt are, keep reading this guide to find out how to make your pussy squirt.

Why do women squirt?

Before you begin, you need to understand why women squirt as well as know all the details of your anatomy that are important for squirting. The G spot is the most important part of your body for squirting. This erogenous zone is located inside the vagina on the front wall about one to three inches from the vaginal opening. It feels rough to the touch, varies in sensitivity from woman to woman and it’s very hard to find if you’re not turned on. The next part of your body that’s important for squirting is the Skene’s gland. The Skene’s gland is located inside the wall of your urethra just above your G spot. You can’t stimulate the Skene’s gland directly but it does get stimulated when you touch your G spot. When you get turned on, the Skene’s gland fills with liquid and when you squirt that liquid comes out. The Skene’s gland varies in size between women, which is why some females can squirt easily while others can’t do it at all.

How to get yourself to squirt?

When you’re trying to learn how to squirt, preparation is extremely important. The first step is to get comfortable and relaxed and then start working on arousing yourself. This can be done by watching porn, reading erotic stories, using a vibrator or your fingers to play with yourself, etc. If you don’t normally stimulate your G spot for arousal, don’t worry about rubbing it just yet, instead, do what normally works for you to get yourself turned on. Once you’re thoroughly turned on and can’t wait until you can orgasm, insert a finger or two into your vagina and find your G spot - your Skene’s gland should be large enough to make it easy to find by this point. Once you’ve located your G spot, place your hand in a way that your palm is pressing against your stomach with your ring and middle fingers inside your vagina and curved towards your pubic bone and your index and little fingers pressed against your butt and pointing down. Then, start massaging your G spot - you can try pressing it repeatedly like a button or using a ‘beckoning’ motion to rub your G spot - this is a technique most women prefer. If your wrist and fingers get tired quickly from using these techniques to make you squirt, you can try locking the position of your entire arm in place and moving it up and down instead of just moving your wrist and fingers - this will give you really intense stimulation. Once you’ve found the exact moves that work for stimulating your G spot, just keep doing them until you reach and orgasm - if you gave yourself enough time to get turned on before orgasming, you should be able to squirt when you cum. It’s important to remember that the amount of liquid that comes out when you squirt varies depending on your Skene’s gland, so it might be a little or a lot.