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How to make a woman squirt?

How to make a woman squirt?

How to make a girl squirt?

Unlike what you may think, the key to making her squirt is not perfect fingering moves or a special technique. Most of the time women can’t squirt because they have too much stress, they are tired, depressed, have anxiety, fears about STDs and pregnancy and other things. With all of this on her mind, it’s going to make it nearly impossible for her to relax enough to squirt, so your first goal should be to make sure that your wife or girlfriend is calm and relaxed. Once she’s relaxed, it’s crucial to make her very horny - if she’s not turned on enough, she won’t be able to squirt. Things like feeling sexy and desired, lots of sexual tension and lots of foreplay can help you get her horny enough to actually be able to squirt.

The basics of making her squirt

Once your partner is relaxed and thoroughly turned on, it’s time to actually start fingering her and trying to make her have a squirting orgasm. Begin by getting your middle finger wet with her natural lube or lube from a bottle. Next, insert your middle finger inside her vagina and start gently rubbing the front wall of her vagina with the pad of your finger. Keep going for a minute or two, then, take your finger out and insert both your ring and middle fingers into her vagina. You should try slightly curving your fingers upwards towards the front wall of her vagina so you can stimulate her G-spot better. If you don’t yet know where it is located, slowly run your fingers along the top wall of her vagina and find it - it will feel rough to the touch.

Top squirting techniques

The first technique you should try when you want to make your woman squirt is called Push the Button. Essentially, you need to repeatedly press down on the G spot just like you’d press a button. It’s important to experiment with the speed and the amount of pressure - some women prefer very light pressure, while others feel that intense pressure is best. Another great way to stimulate her G spot and bring her to a squirting orgasm is to rub her G spot in a circular motion while maintaining a very slight amount of pressure on the G spot. If your girlfriend enjoys the previous two techniques but not enough to make her cum, try curling your fingers so that you’re moving your fingertips back and forth over her G spot repeatedly. This will provide alternating amounts of pressure to your partner’s G spot and most women can easily squirt from this technique. The final technique is perfect if you get tired too quickly when curling your fingers. Essentially, instead of bending your fingers to provide pressure to her G spot, you need to position your fingers on her G spot and lock the position of your entire arm and hand in place with your arm touching your partner’s stomach. Then, start moving your entire arm up and down without changing its shape - this will help you apply a very large amount of pressure to her G-spot, which is usually enough to make any woman squirt.