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How to make a woman cum?

How to make a woman cum?
When you first start having sex or watching porn, it seems like making a woman cum is a relatively easy thing to do. In fact, most men believe that vaginal penetration is enough to make a woman cum during sex, while in reality, less than 20% of women can cum from penetration alone. More than 35% of women need additional clitoral stimulation during sex, and another large group of women can orgasm only from clitoral stimulation without penetration. All in all, only women achieve an orgasm during sex only 65% of the time, which is very low. If you want to learn how to give a woman an orgasm and make her cum every or at least most of the time, keep reading this article for specific methods you can use to make a girl cum.

Try the coital alignment technique to make her cum

One of the most effective ways to make a woman cum during sex is to use the coital alignment technique position. This sex position is different from most others because you won’t be thrusting in and out of her much. Instead, you will remain inside her as deep as you can while pressing down on her clit and grinding up and down on it. This may sound like a strange way to have sex, but almost 40% of women state that using this pose significantly increased their ability to cum so why not try it?

Use the Vulcan technique to give your girl an orgasm

Another great technique for making a girl cum is called the Vulcan. You can do it pretty much in any position where the woman is on top. Once you’re having sex and your partner is facing you, make a V-shape with your fingers, slide your hand down to your penis and position it in a way that there are two fingers on both sides of your penis and your hand is resting on your pubis. This way your partner’s clit will be pressed against your hard knuckles, allowing her to reach an orgasm as she grinds on top of you.

Give her a G-spot orgasm during sex

G spot stimulation can be just as effective as clit stimulation when it comes to giving her an orgasm. The G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina just a few inches from the entrance, so you don’t really need deep penetration to stimulate it. Instead, everything comes down to the angle of penetration, you can adjust it to increase or decrease the amount of pressure on her G-spot according to your partner’s preferences. Luckily, there is a huge variety of sex positions that are perfect for G spot stimulation. This includes the acrobat, launchpad, pearly gates, bouncing spoon, exposed eagle and other sex positions. You can also stimulate your partner’s A-spot to help her reach an orgasm. The A-spot is also located on the front side of the vagina, but it’s deeper than the G-spot, so you can use all the same sex positions but try to penetrate her as deep as you can.