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How to introduce sex toys to your relationship

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Even if you and your partner are extremely close,  sometimes its still hard to start a  conversation about adult toys. But don't worry, your partner will appreciate your initiative . Toys are perfect way to spice up your sexual life and your communication is the key to your adventures,  long term relationships and endless passion! Here there are some tips:
  • choose the right time. Definitely not on the first dates. The ideal is the moment, when it you already know everything about each other in sex and its getting a bit boring.
  • explain the benefits. One way to ease the subject is to find some articles on adult toys, their story and their benefits. A lot of people have taboos about that without understanding what it is and how it works.
  • no pressure! If your other half still isn't keen on the idea, don't push it! Start from something lighter, watch a documentary about this industry or erotic video together.
  • suggest the ideas for the beginners. One reason he may initially be skeptical is a fear of the unknown. Suggest products for the beginners : bullets, mini vibes, lubricants and massage oils, lingerie.
  • make him understand that toy is not a replacement for him, its something to enjoy together, choose a product that can be used during the sex
  • give your partner a toy as a gift and allow him to experiment and get comfortable with it on his own .
  • let your partner control your pleasure (Choose couple toys with remote or app control)
  • a good way to get him on board with the idea is to choose a product that he can wear (for example, cockring or a sleeve)