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How to have sex in the woods?

How to have sex in the woods?
Sex in the woods is something people have been doing for millions of years but today it’s not very common - after all, we have cozy and clean homes where you’re not in danger of being seen. And yet sex in the woods is something a lot of people want to try at least once to spice things up and get in touch with our primal side. Here’s all you need to know about having sex in the woods:

Should I try sex in the woods?

The answer to this question largely depends on you and your partner. Do both of you like to feel a little danger? Then having sex in the woods can give you the perfect kick of adrenaline that takes good sex and turns it into animalistic, mind-blowing fucking. Doing something dangerous and taboo triggers a release of adrenaline in your body, which naturally makes you more aroused.

Things to know before you have sex in the forest

As fun and exciting as having sex in the forest is, it can also be uncomfortable, dirty or even dangerous. But if you take time to prepare, you can mitigate all those dangers and turn it into a pleasurable and comfortable experience. First of all, here’s a list of everything you should have before you venture off into the woods to have sex:
  • Condoms and lube
  • Insect repellant
  • Water
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes
You can also bring a blanket to put on the ground if you don’t want to do it directly on the ground or against a window. Of course, if you’re planning on having sex on a multi-day hiking trip, you’ll also have a tent, sleeping bags, etc. with you but in that scenario, you need to make sure That you also bring soap and deodorant and cleanse yourself before having sex. It also can’t hurt to bring a first aid kit just in case.

Where to have sex in the woods?

Now that you’re all packed you might be wondering how and where exactly in the woods you’re going to have sex. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options! The first and safest option is a tent. This works if you’re on an overnight trip out in nature, as not everyone will want to take a tent out to the woods and set it up just to spend a few hours in it. This is a terrific option if you or your lady are not huge fans of the outdoors and want to stay safe from bugs and dirt, but at the same time, you won’t really get to have primal, caveman sex in a tent. The next option is a little bit wilder - take your partner out for a picnic in the woods and don’t forget a blanket and everything we listed above. Find a secluded spot to set up, have some fruit or light snacks and get down to business. The wildest option on the list is to have sex directly on the ground! This is certainly not for everyone but it can really help you and your partner unleash your wild sides. If you don’t want anything to be between you and nature but at the same time don’t feel like laying down on the ground with ants and critters, have sex standing up against a tree - it’s just as primal but much safer and cleaner.

Frequently asked questions about having sex in the woods

What places to stay away from when you’re having sex in the forest?

Before you start having sex in the wild, carefully inspect the area to make sure that there’s no poison ivy, ants or wild animals around. You should also stay away from caves and large formations of rocks.

How to stay safe when having sex in the woods?

Safety is the most important thing to consider when venturing off into the woods to have sex. Download an app that can identify whether a plant is harmless or dangerous by its picture and use it to find a safe spot. Also, bring some food, water, warm clothes, appropriate footwear, matches, map and compass no matter how brief your trip is supposed to be.

What are the best positions for having sex in the woods?

You can adapt many positions for sex in the woods but the best ones include cowgirl, doggy style and spooning.