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How to finger a girl to orgasm?

How to finger a girl to orgasm?
Learning how to properly finger a girl can turn you from an amateur to an incredible lover that she’ll never want to let go. In this guide, we will go over several powerful fingering techniques that will help spice up your foreplay and even bring your woman to an orgasm. Some of these techniques will focus on clitoral stimulation, while others will teach you how to give her a G spot orgasm. Before we begin, you should brush up on your knowledge of female anatomy if you’re not 100% certain about all the aspects of it. If you’re ready, here are the best fingering techniques:

Finger her to orgasm by rubbing her clit

For most women, the clit is the most sensitive part of the body and many women either prefer clitoral stimulation to vaginal stimulation if they’re trying to orgasm or can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation at all. This means that you absolutely need to master rubbing your girl’s clit to maximize your chances of giving her an orgasm. There are many ways to rub her clit - for instance, you can use side-to-side or up-and-down motions or move your finger in circles to stimulate the clit. You can also use one or several fingers to do it. It’s also important to vary the amount of pressure you’re applying, the speed and location of your finger to figure out what your woman likes best. One important thing to remember is to always make sure that there’s enough lubrication when rubbing her clit - otherwise, it can even be painful for her. You can use her own lubrication from the vagina or bottled lube. Some women have a clit that’s too sensitive for direct stimulation, making it painful when you rub it. The solution is simple - you just need to rub the clitoral hood instead of the clit itself. You can also try squeezing the base of her clit as another fun way of fingering her.

Use slow strokes to finger a girl

If you want to change things up and stimulate her entire vulva rather than just her clit, you can try stroking her vagina from the bottom (her vaginal opening) to the top (her clit). This technique might feel great for some women but it might not do much for others, so make sure to talk to your partner and listen to her feedback when fingering her this way.

How to finger her G spot?

The G spot is another extremely sensitive part of a woman’s body, it’s located inside her vagina about 2 inches from the entrance on the front wall. To finger her G spot, insert one or two fingers into her vagina with your palm pressed to her pubic bone and curve your fingers towards her stomach. Run your finger along the front wall of your vagina until you find a very sensitive area that feels a little rough to the touch. Once you’ve found her G spot, start running your fingers back and forth over it while finding the right amount of pressure to apply to give her the most pleasure.

Finger your girlfriend from behind

While a lot of women love G spot stimulation when you finger them from the front, many also enjoy the feeling of being fingered from behind. The technique is simple - just have the woman lie down on her stomach, insert one or two lubed up fingers into her vagina and start rubbing, pressing and running your fingers along the walls of her vagina.