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How to find places with free Wi-Fi near me?

How to find places with free Wi-Fi near me?
Sometimes it can be challenging to find free Wi-Fi in your area. However, it is a totally doable task. There are many places with free internet, where you can sit for hours buying just a drink or snack. In chain restaurants, Wi-Fi usually comes as a part of the package. It is convenient, as chain restaurants are usually in every neighborhood and you can just go there with your laptop and surf the net. Cell phone companies would usually charge you a fortune for hot-spotting your mobile data to your laptop, but in chain restaurants, you can get a free wireless connection for an unlimited period of time. So here is the list of places that are pretty essential in every area, where getting free Wi-Fi is a piece of cake. Enjoy!

1. Starbucks free Wi-Fi

There is probably no person in the whole world who has never heard of Starbucks. The coffee giant had become a worldwide network, having more than 7,000 locations only in the USA. They have a special partnership with Google that allowed them to provide free and unlimited Wi-Fi to their customers. It’s a piece of cake to find Starbucks near you, then you need to make a purchase (a tall cup of coffee will be more than enough). Just because you are using their Wi-Fi network for long, doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive drinks. McDonald’s is a symbol of modern-day America. It has locations all around the world, over 11,500 of which are offering free wireless internet to its customers. Moreover, their download speeds are twice as fast as any other national chain offers. However, keep in mind that not all of their locations offer free Wi-Fi To find out if a McDonald's offers free Wi-Fi you can check on their website’s restaurant locator.

3. Panera Bread - the ultimate free Wi-Fi spot

Who doesn’t like Panera Bread? Many people would not mind spending a study hour there even if they didn’t provide their customers with free Wi-Fi access. But they do! And you should definitely take advantage of it!  However, keep in mind, that during rush hours the chain limits its Wi-Fi access to 30-minute sessions.

4. Target - an unusual choice to get free Wi-Fi in your area

Who doesn’t like a good Target run? Did you know they also provide a free Wi-Fi hotspot to their customers? The biggest risk of using Target free Wi-Fi is leaving all your money in the store (everything just looks so good). That should not be a problem for you, as many Target locations have now opened special Target cafes, where you can enjoy free internet access without nullifying your bank account.