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How to edge?

How to edge?

What is edging?

Edging has become very popular in recent years and it seems like everyone’s doing it or talking about it. So what exactly is edging? Edging, which is sometimes also called orgasm control, is a technique where you bring yourself very close to orgasming but then stop just short of cumming and then repeat the process again and again until you can’t stand it any longer and then finally let yourself orgasm. The same can be done by two partners where one partner controls when the other one can cum.

Why should I try edging?

This seems like a very logical question - why would a person delay an orgasm? The answer is simple - when you practice edging and delay cumming for a long time, you will get a much more powerful, mind-blowing orgasm when you finally let yourself climax.

Does everyone like edging?

While you should generally strive to try everything at least once to decide whether you like it, edging may not be a suitable technique for some people. For instance, if you get frustrated when you don’t orgasm the first time you feel like you are getting there or if you lose the ability to orgasm for the entire session if it doesn’t happen right away, edging might not be suitable for you.

Top edging techniques to try alone or with your partner

Simply stop right when you get to the edge

The easiest way to practice edging is quite obvious - simply stop whatever you’re doing to yourself or your partner when you feel an orgasm approaching. The trick here is to get as close as you can to cumming without actually reaching a climax. Once you cool down a bit, you can start stimulating yourself or your lover again until they or you are ready to cum - then stop again and keep repeating this delicious torture until it’s impossible to continue.

Change things up when doing erotic edging

If you want to delay an orgasm but don’t want to simply stop all stimulation, you can switch to a different technique or erogenous zone when you feel an orgasm approaching. For instance, if you’ve been rubbing your clit, you can start pressing it or pinching it instead or you can even start stimulating your G spot instead of your clit. If you’re edging a partner, you can have them switch to giving you oral sex just as they are about to cum. Another technique is to focus on your breath and start breathing slowly and deeply right before you’re about to orgasm to delay your climax.

Slow down as an edging technique

Finally, the last edging technique involves you simply slowing down instead of stopping altogether when you feel an orgasm coming. For instance, you can stop touching your genitals but focus on the nipples, breasts, neck or other sensitive areas instead. You can also simply lessen the intensity of your stimulation - this way you won’t cool down completely but also won’t achieve an orgasm.