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How to eat her ass?

How to eat her ass?

Eating ass - should I do it with my partner?

Annulingus is something that relatively few couples do - some don’t see any pleasure in doing it, others consider it dirty, etc. However, when done properly, eating your partner’s ass or asking them to do it for you can help you feel incredibly intimate with each other and bring you closer together. Plus, only couples that truly love and trust each other engage in this activity or even decide to talk about it. It doesn’t seem obvious but the anus is actually a very powerful erogenous zone with millions of nerve endings. For a man, it’s also close to the prostate, which is packed with nerve endings. Eating ass can be intimate and very pleasurable for both partners and some can even achieve anilingus incredible orgasms from anilingus alone, so it’s definitely worth trying if you’re up for it! One important thing to keep in mind is that if you decide to engage in anilingus, you have to be very open and honest with your partner - there are a lot of things and concerns that both of you might need to discuss and it’s vital that you’re able to do it without damaging your relationship.

How to prepare for anilingus?

If you're on the receiving end of anilingus, cleanliness should be your main concern. You absolutely need to take a shower or douche to thoroughly clean your anus and the area around it right before the act to make sure that there’s no leftover fecal matter or no unpleasant smell. Some people also prefer to douche before anal sex or having their ass eaten but it’s up to you and your partner. You should also remove all the hair around your anus - this can be done by trimming it, waxing at home, waxing at a salon, shaving or using a special depilation cream. Protection is also very important - your partner’s anus can have lots of potentially harmful bacteria in and around it even after cleansing, so the best choice is to use a dental dam or a condom that has been cut open as a barrier between your tongue and your partner’s asshole. You can also use flavored or unflavored lube to make the process feel better.

How to eat ass? Annulingus techniques

Just like with oral sex, you might want to take your time and introduce some analingus foreplay into the mix. Start by caressing, kissing, licking and playing with your partner’s butt cheeks before you ever touch his or her asshole. Once they can’t take the teasing any longer, start playing with their asshole using their tongue - you can make your tongue soft and flat or hard and pointy for different sensations. You can try moving your tongue in circles, up and down, left to right, kissing their anus, tapping it with your tongue or even inserting your tongue in their ass to figure out what your partner loves best. You can also use your fingers and hands to give your partner the most pleasure when eating his or her ass. For instance, you can play with the butt cheeks, squeezing or separating them for different sensations, you can use your fingers to play with your partner’s genitals while giving them anilingus or to insert a finger or two into their anus. You can also try using your breath to give your partner a nice tingling sensation around their asshole.