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How to dominate men in bed?

How to dominate men in bed?
Some people are born dominant, others are more submissive in nature but for some reason may need to learn how to become dominant at times. No matter which category you belong to, this article will teach you how you can become more dominant and what techniques you can use to dominate men.

Start slow when taking on the role of a dominant woman in bed

Even though you might be tempted to jump right into domination or attempt to recreate different scenes you’ve seen in porn movies, if you don’t have a lot of previous experience with domination, you should start slow. Since the dominant person is in charge, it will be your responsibility to handle things if they go wrong, so don’t take on more than you or your sub are ready for.

How to dominate a man in bed?

Sexual domination comes in lots of flavors and you will never run out of things to try. One of the most classic types of sexual domination involves bondage - the act of restraining someone physically. You can use ropes to tie up your man or choose complex, specially made restraints for more elaborate types of bondage. The next type of sexual domination includes discipline, which is used to set rules and control the actions of your submissive man, punishing him when he breaks these rules or does something that he’s not allowed to do. You can use physical or psychological punishment. Some couples choose to incorporate elements of kink and bondage into their sex lives without necessarily adding a domination element to it. This is absolutely acceptable and in such scenarios, people in the couple are considered to be a top and a bottom instead of a dominant and a submissive. A more hardcore type of sexual domination involves sadism and masochism. A sadist is a person who gets pleasure from causing pain or distress to their partner, while a masochist is a person who gets pleasure from being hurt or humiliated.

Frequently asked questions about how to be a dominating woman

Is it normal to want to be dominant in the bedroom?

Yes, wanting to dominate your partner in sex is completely normal, just like it’s normal to want to submit, as long as your partner consents to being dominated.

Do other people want to be dominating or submissive in the bedroom?

Most people don’t talk about their preferences and desires in the bedroom because it’s not considered to be socially acceptable or because they are embarrassed but, in fact, as much as 10% of all people practice sadism/masochism in the bedroom and those numbers are much higher for less hardcore domination and submission.

What to do if my partner wants to dominate me?

If your partner has opened up to you about his desires of being sexually dominated, the first thing you should do is show your acceptance and support. Next, think about how you can incorporate his desires into your sex lives. Perhaps you can agree to try it out at least once or twice, try dominating dirty talk or even let him be dominated by someone else if you can’t bring yourself to do it at all.