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How to ride dick like a pro?

How to ride dick like a pro?
For some women, sex comes naturally and they feel comfortable taking initiative, becoming the ‘aggressor’ and experimenting in bed. For others, things aren’t that simple. In fact, a lot of women feel self-conscious and nervous when having sex even if they’ve been with their partner for a long time. A lot of those feelings can surface when your man asks you to ride him.

Why do I feel nervous riding a guy?

While most men like taking the dominating position in sex and leading the process, they also like to switch the roles sometimes and experience being ridden by a woman. If your man loves it when you ride it but you don’t feel comfortable doing it, there could be many reasons for it. For instance, you might enjoy the submissive role and not like to take the dominating role, you could feel performance anxiety when you’re on top, or perhaps you don’t feel very confident about your body and you feel too exposed when riding your man. All of these feelings are perfectly normal.

How to ride a man with confidence?

While the feelings of worry you might be having about riding a dick are perfectly normal, there are simple ways to deal with them so that you and your man can enjoy great sex with you on top. The first thing you should do is talk to your partner - voice your concerns to him, talk about why he enjoys it when you ride him and how both of you can make it more enjoyable for you. Secondly, try to relax and make yourself feel sexy and comfortable. This can be done in numerous ways, for instance, you can have a glass of wine to relax, turn on romantic music or even turn off the lights or blindfold your guy if you feel too self-conscious about your body.

How to ride a man on top?

When it comes to the sex positions for riding a guy, the man missionary position is one of the favorites for women. This position is very similar to cowgirl except you lean over and lie on top of your guy instead of sitting up straight. This way you can kiss his neck and chest, kiss him and whisper dirty talk into your ear and he can comfortably do most of the thrusting if you prefer it. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are other classic positions for riding a dick. These are great if you’d like to assert your dominance and fuck your man instead of having him thrust in and out. These positions can be a bit difficult on your legs and knees since you’ll be doing most of the work, but most guys absolutely love getting fucked this way. If you love to get your clit massaged during sex, try griding when you’re on top of your guy. First, get into the man missionary position and push his dick deep inside of you. Then, start moving your body back and forth with your clit pressed firmly against his pubic bone. While this technique doesn’t offer a ton of pleasure to the guy, it can feel amazing for you and your partner can simply enjoy watching you get off as you’re riding his dick.