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Hot wax play

Hot wax play
Candle play with hot wax can be incredibly hot and exciting - there’s no doubt about it. But at the same time, candle play involves high temperatures and even fire, which means that safety considerations should always be on your mind. In this guide, we will teach you how to enjoy hot wax play safely.

Safety rules for wax play

Since hot wax play involves open flame, the first rule is to make sure that there are no objects that can easily be set ablaze anywhere near your play space. This means no curtains, sheets, easily flammable furniture, etc. The best setup is to only have a table, your partner and a candle all in one place. You should also place a fire extinguisher close to where you will be using the candle.

What kind of candles to use for BDSM wax play?

Secondly, make sure that you only use safety candles for wax play. These can be purchased in hardware stores, pharmacies and other places, so they are not hard to find and it’s absolutely crucial that you only use these candles for wax play. Other candles might have harmful chemicals, colors and scents added, which can make them dangerous for the person who’s getting wax dripped on them. Keep in mind that church candles, beeswax and decorative candles are also not suitable for wax play.

Get the skin ready for hot wax play

One thing that a lot of people who want to try hot wax play don’t think about is body hair. Unfortunately, when you drip hot wax on an area of skin that has a lot of hair, that hair tends to come out when you try to pull off the wax, which usually causes very unpleasant and unsexy sensations for the sub. This is why it’s a great idea to have your sub shave the area of their body where you are planning to drip wax. Another thoughtful safety step is to put a thin layer of baby oil on the sub’s skin before dripping wax on it.

Frequently asked questions about hot wax play

How to make sure that my sub can handle candle wax on the body?

The best way to make sure that you’re not giving your sub more than they can handle is to try dripping the wax from the candle you’re going to use on your sub on your own skin. This should give you an idea of what your sub will experience but also keep in mind that every person’s pain tolerance is different.

Where should I hold the candle during wax play?

It’s best to keep the distance between the candle and your sub’s skin just under a foot. This way the wax won’t be too hot and it won’t accidentally splash.

How to hold the candle during BDSM wax play?

The best way to hold the candle during wax play is to have it parallel to the sub’s body to keep wax from dripping on your hand or burning.

Where to drip hot wax on by sub?

You can drip wax virtually anywhere on the body but the best locations include breasts, nipples, butt, thighs, stomach and back.