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Having sex with your best friend: pros and cons

Having sex with your best friend: pros and cons
If you’re reading this article, you probably want to have sex with your best friend - you’re not alone! Lots of people think about having sex with their best friend at some point in their lives.  You might be thinking about doing because you’re horny and don’t have anyone else to have sex with, because you have feelings for your bestie and are hoping that sex will lead to them developing feelings for you in return or you might just be craving intimacy and connection to another human. No matter what your reasons for wanting to sleep with your best friend are, there are some pros and cons that you should consider:

The benefits of sex with your best friend

When it comes to having sex with your best friends, there are some major pros to consider. First of all, you already know your bestie pretty well and he or she knows you, so you might be able to escape that sexual learning curve that you often have to go through with a new person before sex gets really good. Plus, you’re comfortable with each other, which is very important in sex, especially if you get self-conscious about your body, sexual skills, etc. Another advantage of having sex with your best friend is that you can get practice! If there’s someone you like but you’re worried that it won’t work out because you don’t have a lot of experience with sex, having sex with your best friend can be the perfect opportunity for you to practice your moves and gain confidence. If your best friend is a straight, single guy, chances are that he’ll agree to have sex with you without any objections, as most guys think about having sex with their female friends. If you’re a guy with a female friend though, you should tread this territory carefully, as many times women don’t want to have sex with their male friends for one reason or another.

The cons of best friends having sex

As you might have guessed, there are also lots of risks that come with having sex with your best friend. First of all, there’s the oldest story in the book - you have sex with your friend and then one of you develops romantic feelings for the other. It can be great if you’re compatible and if you both develop feelings for each other - you might end up in the best relationship of your life, but if only one person falls in love or you’re just not a good match, your friendship might be ruined forever. As hard as it is to think about it, you need to consider how important this friendship is to you, how much you want to have sex and if you’re prepared to be left without a friend if something goes wrong. Another risk of having sex with your friend is that sex might simply be bad and then you’ll have to tell your friend, it might be awkward, hurt their feelings, etc. The quality of sex might improve with time but sometimes you’re just not a good match sexually and there’s no way around it. Finally, you might feel awkward with your friend after having sex with them and it could significantly change your friendship. You or your friend might feel awkward talking about relationships, romance and sex with other people after you have sex, or you might also be more careful in the amount of communication you have because you won’t want to come off as needy or clingy. With all the pros and cons of best friend sex, if you do decide to sleep with your best friend, it’s absolutely crucial to discuss it beforehand and set rules for the encounter and your relationship after it.