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A complete guide to anal douching

A complete guide to anal douching

What is an anal douche?

A rectal douche or an anal douche is simple tool that’s used to rinse your rectum with water before any sexual activity that involves the rectum.

Why do you need to use an anal douche?

The medical purpose of an anal douche is to help with constipation but people also use anal douches to clean themselves before anal play. Proper hygiene is crucial to having clean, safe and enjoyable anal sex and engage in anal masturbation. Plus, you and your partner can feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed knowing that everything is clean back there are there won’t be any unpleasant surprises as you enjoy each other.

How you have to douche before anal sex?

Despite what other people might be saying, you don’t have to douche before anal play - the truth is, if you have bowel movements regularly, your rectum should already be clean save for maybe just a little residue of fecal matter that some people may have leftover. If that really bothers you, try douching a couple of times to clean yourself.

How to anal douche?

Using an anal douche is simple and fun. First, you need to relax, get in the right mindset and get your body ready by taking a shower and trimming your nails. It’s best to have a bowel movement a few hours before using an anal douche, although it’s not required. Next, use soap to thoroughly clean your anal douche inside and out no matter how long it’s been since the last time you’ve cleaned it. The next step is to prepare water for your anal douching. Tap water is fine for occasional douching but it’s best to use filtered water if you’re douching regularly. Make sure that the water is room temperature before filling up the douche. Finally, apply lube to your anus and the tip of the douche and slowly insert it into your anus to avoid hurting yourself. Then, slowly squeeze the douche to release water into your rectum, take out the douche, hold it for a few seconds and then release the water into the toilet. The water should become clear after a couple of douches but it’s not clear after 5 times, it’s best not to continue and choose a different day for anal play.

Frequently asked questions about anal douching

Is anal douching safe?

Anal douching is generally considered to be very safe as long as you follow basic safety precautions like using lube, not inserting the tip of the douche too far or squeezing it too quickly, sterilizing your anal douche before and after use and using clean room temperature water to douche.

Is an enema the same as an anal douche?

While most people use the two terms interchangeably, an enema and an anal douche are not exactly the same - enemas are larger and are used to clean the rectum and the large intestine, while an anal douche is only used to clean the rectum.

What types of anal douches are there?

Anal douches come in several types - shower douches that attach to your shower head, bulb anal douches and disposable anal douches that are perfect if you don’t want to clean the douche after use.