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Glass Toys

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Today we are gonna talk about the most aestetically pleasing sex toys on the market that are finally  making their way into the spotlight. Glass toys have been around for a while and they are an iconic part of sex toy history  but a lot of people still remain  skeptical about them because it does sound a bit unsafe for same to put something made of glass in vagina. Here are some reasons to add glass toys in your bedroom assortment! They’re easy to clean Glass toys are completely non-porous, so there is no  risk of bacteria settling in. You can clean easily with the sex toy spray or soap and water. They’re body-safe Since glass is completely nonporous and made from natural materials, it is completely body safe. There is no way glass toys can cause irritation even in the most  sensitive people. They’re smooth Glass toys are super smooth. That means that they are a way easy to insert and slide in and out. They are compatible with any lube You can play with the temperature Glass is amazing material in terms of providing the temperature.  if you want to experiment with temperature play, I would def try those! Put the toy in a fridge  or warm water and explore different sensations on your intimate areas. They’re better for the environment Glass is one of the most recyclable materials in the world, and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals while it breaks down.  They’re beautiful Glass toys come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and from aestetic point of view, those toys look not like sex toys but like a nice object of the interior. They are durable. If you wanna invest in the toy once that will serve you for years, then glass or metal are your only options. Glass is budget-friendly. Shower Sex When it comes to shower sex, Glass Toys are the best option. During shower sex, both natural lube and water-based lube washed away, that’s why  silicon-based lubricants are the only option here as it can’t be washed away by water during shower. However, porous materials are not compatible with silicone based lube, so glass toys are again your material of choice for this type of play.