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How to give an amazing vaginal massage?

How to give an amazing vaginal massage?

What is a vaginal massage?

You probably already know how to rub your woman’s clit and how to finger her but did you know that you can also give her a relaxing, sensual and incredibly pleasurable vaginal massage? A vaginal massage may or may not be sexual in nature and it can sometimes end in orgasm but it doesn’t have to. One type of vaginal massage is an ancient Yoni massage. In the end, you can make a vaginal massage whatever you or your woman want it to be.

The pros of female genital massage

There are many benefits your woman can experience as a result of a vaginal massage. For instance, your woman can become more relaxed, she can get to know her body and find out what she likes and become more aware of her sexuality. Plus, you and your partner can feel more intimate after a vaginal massage and your relationship can be strengthened by the experience. Finally, a vaginal massage is yet another way in which you can give pleasure to your partner.

How to start a sensual vagina massage?

A vaginal massage is not something you can do out of the blue. You should prepare for it in advance by choosing a quiet and private place to do it, making sure that there are no disturbances and that you have plenty of time and setting the mood by creating ambient lighting, lighting a few candles, etc. You can even run a warm bath for your wife to get her relaxed and ready for your massage.

Top vaginal massage techniques

The techniques that you should choose for your vaginal massage will depend on the type of massage you want to give (sensual or sexual) and your partner’s preferences. If you are aiming for a sensual massage, keep your fingers outside of her vagina, massaging only her vulva. If you want to give a sexual massage, you can combine massaging her vulva with G spot and clit stimulation.

Try cupping to begin a female genital massage

Cupping is the first technique you should try in your massage - just form a cup shape with the palm of your hand, place it over her vulva and start moving your hand in circular motions, while slowly flattening your hand and placing it over her vulva. This is the perfect technique to tease her!

Stroke her vaginal opening

The entrance to a woman’s vagina is called the introitus - few men know it but this area is actually very sensitive. You can stimulate it by placing the tip of your index finger at the entrance of the vagina or inserting it just a fraction of an inch inside the vagina and stroking it with your finger, rotating your hand and using circular motions. Just make sure to use plenty of lube.

Dip your finger into the vagina

While many men mostly focus on the G spot when fingering their woman, you may discover that there are many other spots in her vagina that feel really good when you stimulate them. One way to explore all the pleasure spots in her vagina is to dip one or two lubed up fingers inside of her vagina, starting with really shallow insertions and slowly progressing to dipping your entire finger. Alternatively, instead of simply inserting your finger and then taking it out you can run your finger along the walls of her vagina, finding the spots that feel really good when stimulated.

Stimulate her G spot during vaginal massage

The last technique for an amazing vaginal massage involves massaging your partner’s G spot, which is located about 2-3 inches from the vaginal opening on the front wall of the vagina. To stimulate the G spot, simply insert your fingers two to three inches into the vagina, curl them towards your woman’s stomach and rub, press and otherwise stimulate her G spot.