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Fun sex games for couples to play

Fun sex games for couples to play
The thought of playing sex games with your partner can sound silly at first, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, but it’s actually a great way to spice up your sex lives, bring back the passion and generally improve your relationship and your satisfaction with sex. Here are a few fun sex games for you to try in bed - the best part is that most of these games are absolutely free and don’t require you to buy anything, so even in you don’t like them, the only thing you will have spent is a little bit of time.

‘Would you rather?’ couple sex game

You’ve probably played ‘Would you rather’ when you were a child or a teenager - now you can put a fun sexual twist on this game, exploring your and your partner’s sexual fantasies along the way. When playing the game, simply take turns suggesting two different sexy scenarios to each other - the other person must choose which scenario they prefer.

Find out how well you know each other with strip questions

How well do you and your partner know each other when it comes to sex? Use strip questions to find out! All you need to do is come up with a series of sexy questions about yourself and ask your partner these questions - if he or she gets something wrong, they have to take off an article of clothing and maybe even take a shot of alcohol!

Play the Dirty Game sex app

If you’re having trouble coming up with sexy questions or scenarios yourself, download the Dirty Game app for some steamy ideas. The app offers several categories of spicy Truth or dare questions and actions that are suitable for getting to know each other, romantic evenings, foreplay and even sex.

Make a couple’s sex game out of watching porn

If you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have already tried watching porn together, why not take it a step further? Ask your partner to choose a porn movie that they really like and select a few scenes that they find the hottest in that porn. Then try to recreate those scenes together - the experience can be really fun or it can give you a different perspective on porn and sex.

Explore each other’s bodies in a fun sex game for couples

If you’ve been together for a while and sex has started to feel a bit like a scripted routine, this sex game can work wonders. The next time you’re getting into foreplay, think of an erogenous zone in your body that your partner doesn’t know about or doesn’t pay much attention to. Then, have him or her kiss you in different places until they can find the spot you had in mind!