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Foot Fetish

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A foot fetish is  a main stream sexual kink.  One study  found that almost half of people surveyed said they had a foot fetish .Foot fetishism is defined as pronounced sexual interest in feet, but there are many types of foot festishism.
  • The first one is shoe and sock fetishes, they are closely related to foot fetishes. Many people who adore feet may also have a particular interest in shoes, jewelry, or other foot adornments. The Sex and the City episode, "La Douleur Exquise!", featured a shoe salesman with a shoe and foot fetish, who allowed Charlotte York to have expensive shoes for free simply for allowing him to assist her in trying on various pairs of open shoes . the salesman obviously climaxing while assisting her with the sixth pair of the day. Hosiery, stockings, or socks may also be appealing to people with a sexual attraction to feet or footwear.
  • High heels get a lot of foot fetish attention, too. Individuals with altocalciphilia, may wear high heels for sexual gratification. here is an entire world of internet “porn” videos featuring women in high-heeled shoes stepping on gas pedals — usually in muscle cars, trucks, and so on. Sexy feet, bright shoes, high heels, and a loud gas pedal are an erotic formula for many people who are into this porn category.
  • Shoe jobs  is when  basically heels can be used  for actual penile stimulation. This is not only about watching heels, but also about actual stroking the penis using a shoe
  • There are some people who are interested in particulars about the feet (foot size, long toes vs. short toes, high arches, sole shape, painted toenails, etc.
  • Foot odor is another very common kink.   45% of those with a foot fetish were found to be aroused by smelly socks and/or feet, but most importantly by the intensity of the smell produced by such bacteria. On the internet there are people buying used socks for this exact purpose. Has it happened to you before? I have received requestst about selling my socks online, pls comment below if Its only me that lucky or you have had a similar experience.
  • Foot treatments it can be (foot massagepedicuresand foot baths) Feet are filled with nerve endings, and with the addition of massage oil and lotion, a foot massage can be anything from relaxing to very erotic. I
  • Foot jobs is another type of foot fetish that is not only about watching or thinking, but about an actual stimulation.   is when a person uses his or her feet to stimulate a penis and cause orgasm) Footjobs — the ultimate jack off for playmates with penises and raging foot fetishes. Put their penis between the arches of your feet and stroke up and down.
  • Toeing  art of placing ones crusty toes up the anus of a partner. This is something for people who are experienced enough in anal play and fisting. If you are one of those,   grab some slick silicone or oil-based  lube and see how many toes your playmate can take. But first, grab clippers and a nail file. Nails must be trimmed and filed down as close to the skin as possible before attempting anal play with toes.
  • Footing — for pros only. Its when you put the whole feet inside of someones ass. Bend him over and wear him like a sock.  skill that comes after years and years of training, stretching, and expert-level fisting
  • Foot worship, which is when most sexual emphasis is placed on the feet. Many foot lovers simply enjoy the pleasure of washing, stroking, and sucking feet. touch, appreciate, and value your partners feet for an extended period of time is a major turn on for many. They also love sniffing, licking, and putting feet on their face,  suck each and every one of their toes. This type of play satisfy the desire of submissive -dominant approach in sex.
  • For tickle play, feet are extremely common area. If you are not aware, tickling also can be sexual!    most people are ticklish on the bottoms of their feet because of all the nerve endings there and tickling is a separate fetish which is very common as well.  There is a documentary about human trafficking groups for this particular tickling fetish, its called Ticklish if you are curious. There are many people who are ready to pay big money for being ticked or tickle others.