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How to finger yourself to reach an unforgettable orgasm?

How to finger yourself to reach an unforgettable orgasm?

Getting turned on is the first step to making yourself cum

Even though you might be tempted to jump right in and start learning how to finger yourself, you shouldn’t start trying without getting aroused first. If you’re not turned on before you start fingering yourself, the whole process will be a lot less pleasurable, plus, it will be harder for you to have an orgasm. So how can you get turned on? First, make sure that you’re relaxed and not thinking about anything stressful and that you’re in a private location where nobody will disturb you. Then, create the right atmosphere by touching yourself in your erogenous zones, lighting some candles, watching port, reading your favorite erotic story or thinking about that one person who always gets you in the mood.

How to finger myself?

Once you’re turned on and ready to go, slide your hand down to your vagina and start by running your fingers over your labia a few times. Then, place your finger at the vaginal opening and start slowly pressing down and releasing the pressure, once the tip of your finger is covered in lube, start slowly inserting it into your vagina, going a little bit deeper as your fingers become lubricated. As you’re doing this, slowly move your fingers along your vaginal walls to explore your sensations and find what feels good. Try to avoid thrusting your fingers in and out of your vagina too fast mimicking sex, as most women find it unpleasant and even painful. You also don’t need to go too deep to finger yourself to orgasm, but it’s mostly a matter of preference.

How to finger your G-spot?

Fingering your G-spot is one of the best recipes for a great orgasm. Your G-spot is located on the front wall of your vagina a few inches from the entrance and it actually feels different from the rest of your vagina. If you find a spot that feels rough to the touch but also very good when you press it - you’ve found the G-spot. Now simply try rubbing and pressing it and enjoy the sensation. Some women find it difficult to stimulate their G-spot enough to orgasm and if you’re one of them you can try gently pressing on your stomach just above the pubic bone to intensify the feelings and press your G-spot towards your fingers or your partner’s penis.

Try fingering yourself from behind

Another fingering technique you can try is fingering yourself from behind. While most women prefer this method much less than G or A-spot stimulation you can achieve with other fingering techniques, it never hurts to try it and see if you enjoy it. To finger yourself from behind, simply slide your hand down your lower back and into your vagina and curl your fingers in a way that the back wall of your vagina is stimulated.

Finger yourself and rub your clit at the same time to cum

If you find it difficult to reach an orgasm when you’re masturbating, this technique might be the perfect choice for you. To give yourself the maximum amount of pleasure, try using one of your hands to finger your G-spot and using the other hand to touch and rub your clit.