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Cum on face

Cum on face

What’s a cum facial?

A cum facial, or simply a facial, is an act where a man cums on his partner’s face. A facial is an incredibly fun way to finish a blow job, a hand job or even sex - most guys absolutely love getting their load on their woman’s face.

Why do men love giving cum facials?

It would be hard to find a man who doesn’t like cumming on his partner’s face and there are many reasons why men like giving facials so much. First of all, finishing in a facial is a welcome change from your regular sex routine and it can add a new spark to your sex life. Secondly, facials can give a man the validation he needs, showing him that he is desired and accepted by his partner. Finally, cumming on someone’s face can add a little kink to a relationship and since giving a facial is a fantasy many guys have, fulfilling that fantasy can feel very good.

Why should I let him cum on my face?

If you’re a woman, you might not be too thrilled about getting cum on your face. Unless you’re absolutely against the idea of letting your partner give you a facial, you should still consider letting him do it at least once - you may end up liking it after all. Receiving a facial has a ton of benefits: it’s a huge turn-on for your man, it can help make your relationship stronger and it can be very arousing for you as well, leading to stronger orgasms.

How to receive a cum facial?

There’s nothing difficult about having your man cum on your face, as he will do pretty much all of the work but there are still a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, try to keep your eyes open and make eye contact with your man for as long as possible. You may be afraid to get cum in your eyes and want to close them, but try to keep your eyes open up until the moment he starts cumming. It’s also a great idea to ask him to warn you right as he is about to cum. Another spicy tip is to talk dirty before and after your man cums on your face, as it can be incredibly hot for him. Finally, make sure to have some paper towels or wet wipes nearby for easy cleanup after the facial.

How to cum on a girl’s face?

Shooting your load all over her face can seem very straightforward but there are a few key things you shouldn’t forget. First of all, don’t give her a surprise facial, especially if you two haven’t done it before - instead, warn her by telling her that you’re going to cum on her face. If she objects - discuss it later in a more suitable setting. If you’re into power play, you can tell your girl to beg for your cum - it can be a huge turn-on for you and for her. As for practical matters, you should always let your partner know that you’re about to cum so that she can close her eyes, as it can really hurt a lot if cum gets into them. Finally, always act like a gentleman and help her clean up after giving her a facial.