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The ultimate guide to the butterfly sex position

The ultimate guide to the butterfly sex position

What is the butterfly sex position?

Having sex in the butterfly sex position is both pleasureable and fun for the man and the woman, plus, this sex position provides plenty of visual stimulation for you and your partner. This sex position is perfect for couples that prefer the guy to have a lot of controla nd do most of the work, as the woman only needs to lie down and lift her hips. This position can be performed on a bed or a table with the man standing up or kneeling, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation.

What does the girl do in the butterfly sex position?

The girl’s role in the butterfly position is simple - all you need to do is lie down on a bed or a table with your hips positioned at the edge and raise your hips by placing your legs on your partner’s chest or shoulders or wrapping them around his waist. Adjusting the angle at which your hips are raised will help you find a position in which your man can hit your G spot in the most pleasurable way. You can also use your hands or a vibrator to play with your breasts or clit while your partner thrusts in and out.

What does the guy do in the butterfly sex position?

As a man, you will be doing most of the work in this sex position. You need to stand or kneel in front of your partner’s hips and thrust in and out to penetrate her. You can place your hands underneath her hips or on her thighs to help her keep them in the air and to give you a better grip for harder and faster sex.

How to improve the butterfly position in sex?

A lot of women find it challenging to keep their hips in the air for a long period of time, so you can try putting some pillows underneath per hips to help her feel more comfortable. You can also put a pillow under the guy’s knees to keep them from getting sore. You should also keep in mind that for optimal G spot stimulation the woman’s hips should be positioned slightly higher than the man’s.

Butterfly position variations for better sex

There are plenty of ways you can modify the butterfly sex position to suit your needs. For instance, you can place both of the woman’s legs on one of the man’s shoulders instead of two to make the vagina feel tighter, which can be pleasurable for both partners. Alternatively, the woman can bend one of her legs at the knee and place it to the side with the partner kneeling to experience the Praying Mantis position.