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Bridge Technique Orgasm Snail Vibe review

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Let me introduce you  Xbiz award winning toy  that is called Snailvibe . Why such a strange name you may ask? Because it does look exactly like a snail! SO whats so special about this shape and why so much research was needed for developing this product and why it looks like a snail after all? The Bridge Technique developed by Dr Helen Kaplan helps create new neural connections between erogenous zones. External and internal stimulation is connected by the "Bridge" through which the clitoral orgasm becomes a vaginal orgasm or vice versa Concept is very simple:    like a rabbit-style vibe provides dual stimulation but that’s not all . sliding movements simulate intercourse and while the clitoris and  vagina are stimulated all at once, this powerful combo brings you to mind-blowing dual orgasm.   There are many ways to use this toy and I will try to cover all of them. Its fantastic for solo play, foreplay, or a great addition to intercourse.   If we are talking about solo masturbation, it wont disappoint you believe me! Its convenient to hold or you can easily use it hands-free which I absolutely enjoyed. Once you're already in the mood, apply some water-based lube to both your clit and the snail head.  Play with the different settings, preferably starting off slow, and apply pressure to the clit.  the ribbed surface and vibrations make this toy  a perfect toy for the fast clitoral orgasm, highly recommend to try rubbing it  with the water based lube against  your clit, it feels amazing and  can be  a great  option for fast clitoral orgasm during a coffee break . No matter how deep you want your penetration, the unique design of the Snail Vibe ensures that you keep constant vibrations on the clitoris.  The vibrator shaft is suitable for both short and deep thrusts, while the clitoris part  has a wider coverage than regular rabbits. I would say that combo of thrusting and clitoral buzz is perfect for getting off alone or to warm up and  prepare for penetration with the partner. You can ask your partner to thrust it if you wanna enjoy and relax fully without using your hands. Another way to use it is to  add a beautiful clitoral buzz during vaginal or  anal intercourse. Many women need clitoral stimulation as a final push to achieve orgasm so you can just place the head on your clit and enjoy penile vaginal penetration. Or   you can have  anal  intercourse with the toy on your clitoris and g spot, it will allow to  reach multiple orgasms and it will relax your body which is essential for comfortable anal penetration. Vibration from the toy helps to relax your entire body and sphincters right away.  And a little bonus for the penis owner- your partner will feel the vibrations through the wall in vagina with his penis.   For men who consider buying it for their partner,  this vibrator isn’t meant to replace you  during sex. So lets start with foreplay.  for women it takes time to get body on the same page as mind, if you don’t invest time in foreplay and clit stimulation, don’t expect her to be wet inside.  the clitoris is a piece of erectile tissue rich in nerve endings and blood vessels. so applying the vibration to the clit is a  key to women arousal and warm up before sex!   But don’t limit your foreplay only by clit. You can apply the roundhaped head to nipple, then slowly run the vibe down the  stomach. By the time you reach her clitoris  she will be begging for a release.   Everyone can enjoy vibrators; they aren't just for vagina owners The roundhead design is perfect for  perineum stimulation during blow job or manual stimulation.    Whatever way of using you choose today, don’t forget to add water-based lube!  The toy doesn’t produce any liquid and your natural juice dries out faster especially with a toy of this size and power. So everything is better when slippery!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc7wrKFneUU