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Benefits of role play

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Role play is a good year round activity that has many benefits for your intimate life! So go ahead, it's time to get that costume out of your closet and learn the many ways you can benefit from doing some role play!
  • It's healthy for the relationship. By letting your partner in on your deepest desires and fantasy, you will inevitably get closer.
  • It enhances trust. Playing out of a fantasy tends to happen when one feels very safe and secure within a relationship
  • It can heal. Role playing allows   to completely let go, escape the reality. In a way, it can even be considered therapeutic for both parties involved.
  • It lets you learn more about your partner
  • It can switch things up You get into the habit or routine of being one person, so why not be someone else? If you're used to being submissive, why not try being dominant and see how you like it?
  • It's one of the safest ways to be kinky
  • It helps you learn more about yourself. By exploring your own deepest desires, you might realize things about yourself that you never knew.
  • Three Words: The Novelty Factor Role-playing is all about stretching your boundaries and trying out new things—both of which are amazing for your s*x life.