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Ball stretching - how to do it?

Ball stretching - how to do it?

What is ball stretching and why do some men do it?

Testicle stretching is exactly what it sounds like - it is the practice of stretching one’s scrotum to make the testicles hang lower. Some people are surprised to learn that a lot of men actually engage in ball stretching. Each person has his own reason for why they practice ball stretching. For instance, some men state that they like stretching their balls because they want them to hang lower for aesthetic reasons. Many guys like how an elongated scrotum helps their penis appear larger or makes their entire package look larger when they are wearing underwear. Other men simply enjoy the feeling of having their balls stretched or having them slap against their partner’s body during sex. Finally, ball stretching plays a prominent role in BDSM with the use of cock/ball torture devices and other ball stretching methods.  

What devices are used for scrotum stretching?

There are plenty of different tools and sex toys that can be used for ball stretching. This includes sheaths, cock rings, humblers, sleeves, parachutes and many other ball stretching sex toys and accessories.

How to stretch my balls?

When it comes to scrotum stretching, the most important thing is to choose the right device and the right size for you. Do some research about all the different toys that are used for scrotum stretching and choose the type that fits your body and your goals best. Next, measure your scrotum and determine the correct size for you. Keep in mind that whatever device you choose, it should never fit too tight - it should only be tight enough not to fall off your scrotum.

Next, it’s best to do some ball stretching exercises before putting on the device. For example, you can try making an O-shape with your thumb and index finger around the base of your scrotum and pulling your testicles down, up, to the left and to the right while holding them in each position for 45 seconds. For best results, it’s advised to perform these exercises in a warm bath or shower. Finally, put on the device and leave it in place for no longer than 20 minutes - having the stretching device on for longer periods of time can cause permanent damage to your scrotum.

Frequently asked questions about scrotum stretching

How long does it take to see the results of scrotum stretching?

No matter how much you want it, scrotum stretching doesn’t happen overnight - you might start seeing results in a few weeks or months of regular stretching sessions.

Is scrotum stretching guaranteed to give a result?

Unfortunately, no, the success of your scrotum stretching exercises depends on your body. You might achieve very good results quickly or you may not see any progress at all. Your balls could also go back to their original position if you stop stretching them regularly.

Should scrotum stretching feel painful?

No, if you do everything correctly, there should be no pain during testicle stretching. If you do feel pain at any point, you should reduce the amount of force or stop and take off the device immediately. You should also always use plenty of lube to minimize pain from friction.