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Bad dragon dildos - everything you should know

Bad dragon dildos - everything you should know
Discover bad dragon dildos and transform your sex life forever. Best bad dragon dildos reviewed in this article.

What is a Bad Dragon dildo?

Have you ever seen one of those crazy dragon-shaped dildos in porn or in real life? If you have, there’s a big chance that dildo has been manufactured by Bad Dragon Enterprises, Inc., which is a US-based sex toymaker. Bad Dragon Enterprises manufactures exclusively fantasy-themed sex toys for real fans. In addition to making top-quality dragon-shaped dildos, the company also creates other sex toys, which include small dildos and vibrators, packers and more.

Best bad dragon dildos reviews

Nocturne - the crowd favorite Bad Dragon dildo

This award-winning dildo is definitely no joke and it’s the perfect choice for those who want to experience intense, mind-blowing pleasure. The dildo features a series or bulges along the shaft, which make it a great choice for both anal and vaginal use, as well as several spikes at the base, which can send shivers down your spine. This dildo is available in 20 colors but you can also customize it by designing your own color scheme for this dildo before ordering.

Ika - an award-winning tentacle dildo

If you’re looking for something extreme, check out Ika - this Bad Dragon toy is about as far from a traditional dildo shape and look as you can get. Ika is a tentacle-shaped dildo for true fantasy fans. The dildo is unique in its shape, as it starts out with a very narrow tip and expands down to a wide base. The dildo also features a series of waves that give it a curved shape and many sucker pads all along the shaft for incredibly intense stimulation.

Pearce - a natural-looking Bad Dragon dildo

If the first two options are a little much for you, why not try out Pearce? This dildo’s shape is much closer to that of a penis (although it’s still a great example of a fantasy sex toy), but its size is quite impressive - the toy is very thick in girth, which makes it perfect for size queens and those training to become one. The tip of the toy features a Prince Albert piercing, adding extra spice to the experience and improving G-spot stimulation with this toy.

Frequently asked questions about Bad Dragon dildos

What kind of lube should I use with a Bad Dragon dildo?

Since Bad dragon dildos are made from silicone, you should never use silicone-based lube with them, as it can easily damage the toy. Use water-based lube instead, or go for a bottle of oil-based lube if you’re not planning on using a condom with your toy.

Are Bad Dragon dildos customizable?

Most bad Dragon dildos have lots of customizable features, so you can choose a toy that suits you perfectly. Some of these customizable features include color, size and even firmness of the toy.

Where to buy a Bad Dragon dildo?

You may find Bad dragon sex toys on sites like Amazon and at different sex toy retailers, but the best place to buy these dildos is the Bad Dragon Enterprises website. Ordering from them guarantees that you get their original, high-quality toy and that you have the opportunity to customize it according to your needs.