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What do back dimples mean sexually?

What do back dimples mean sexually?

What does it mean when you have back dimples?

Lower back dimples are often called the dimples of Venus or squirter dimples. Many people believe that if a woman has squirter dimples, it means that she’s very sexual and can orgasm and even squirt easily. That being said, if a woman doesn’t have back dimples, it doesn’t mean that she won’t be able to squirt or orgasm - it just means that it will be harder for her or that she will need to make some lifestyle changes before she can unlock her full squirting potential. There’s also a common belief that women who have back dimples have a very strong sexual energy because of their lower body mass index, healthier lifestyles and diets. Obesity, lack of exercise, stress and tension are some of the things that can make a woman’s squirter dimples less visible.

How to get lower back dimples?

Just like the rest of your body, lower back dimples are defined by your genetics but most women who don’t have Venus dimples and want to get them can take several steps to increase their chances of getting these dimples.

Start exercising to get Venus dimples

One of the first steps you should take if you want to get squirter dimples is to start exercising - this will help you decrease your body mass index, make you more fit and help you feel better overall. Any type of exercise will work but many people suggest that yoga or pilates are best for getting squirter dimples, as they help make your core muscles stronger, improve your posture and get rid of built-up stress.

Get rid of fear and shame to unleash your sexual energy and get back dimples

Emotions like shame and fear can significantly decrease your sexual potential and get in the way of you having a fulfilling sex life but they can also prevent you from getting sexy back dimples. Getting rid of these negative emotions can help you have better sex but also get back dimples.

Work of strengthening your sexual energy to get sex dimples

In addition to exercise and getting rid of negative emotions, one of the best ways for a woman to improve her sexual energy is to have lots of sex. Additionally, you can try out a Taoist technique called ‘microcosmic orbit’ to help your sexual energy circulate around your body and prevent it from getting stagnant in just one part of your body. This technique uses breathing to help strengthen your sexual energy. Although there’s isn’t much scientific data, it’s worth giving it a try if you really want to get gorgeous back dimples.

Frequently asked questions about back dimples

Why don’t I have back dimples?

The most common reason why some people don’t have back dimples is excess weight.

Can everyone get Venus dimples?

Some people have very poorly defined Venus dimples because of their genetics but most people can get back dimples with enough exercise and a good body mass index.

Can a woman squirt without squirter dimples?

Absolutely, even if a woman doesn’t have back dimples it’s totally possible to make her squirt.