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Anal training guide

Anal training guide
Anal sex and anal play is something that not all people do - some people think that anal play is gross, others worry about it being painful. Regardless of what worries you when it comes to anal action, if you’re not 100% against having anal sex, it’s a good idea to try it at least once, as anal play and anal sex can not only be not painful, but they can be very pleasurable and you don’t want to miss out on that pleasure. Anal training comes in two ‘flavors’ - one is preparing for regular anal sex with your partner and the other involves stretching your anus to take in bigger toys after you’ve already gotten comfortable with regular anal sex.

How to train for anal sex?

If you’re going to have anal sex with your partner for the first time, it’s never a good idea to do it without preparation. A lot of women say that anal sex hurts but it only hurts if you’re tense and your muscles are not relaxed, so the key part of preparing for anal sex is to make sure that you’re ready for it mentally. Once you’re calm and relax, take care of hygiene by taking a shower, shaving your anus and using an anal douche or an enema if you like. While you can have anal sex with your man without any kind of preparation, it’s a good idea to train your anus before taking in a penis. You can start by using small toys with a flared base to penetrate your ass or you can simply use one or two of your fingers. Once you get comfortable enough with this type of anal play, you’re ready to have sex with your partner!

Anal stretching guide

If you’re already comfortable with regular anal sex and now for one reason or another want to stretch your asshole so that you’re able to take larger toys, this part of the guide is for you. The process of anal training is very simple - you need to start small and then slowly build up and increase the size of the toys that you’re able to take. For instance, if you’re comfortable taking your partner’s penis or a medium-sized toy of about 1.5 inches in diameter, you can increase the size of the toy you’re using by about ¼ inch in diameter and once you’re comfortable with it, keep increasing the size incrementally. You can either buy new toys of different sizes or use devices called anal dilators to train your ass. If you’re training yourself anally, it’s important to put safety first every time - if a toy feels too big, don’t hesitate to take a step back and use a smaller size - you can always go bigger next time but if you hurt yourself, it can be hard to recover. Additionally, you should never use numbing products for anal training, as that pain is there to tell you if something is going wrong if the toy is too big or you need more lube. It’s much easier to hurt yourself if you use numbing products.