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Anal Sex Tips

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Its the last days of anal August so we encourage you to celebrate! For many, the first time trying anal is also the last when trying it for the first time is painful.  if you follow these rules  your first time will be a beginning of your exciting and pleasurable anal journey. The most important is task is to relax both sphincters. That’s why you need to get some toys that can help like anal plugs, beads, anal vibrators , anal  dildos. These typed of toys have a smaller diameter and flared base, might be hands free with suction cup. Having vaginal orgasm before helps to relax all muscles of the body including the ones we need. Rings limiters. If you are lucky and a man has a large penis and its penetration gives discomfort and painful feelings, it makes sense to use a ring-limiter. Poses that provide easy access to anus -Doggy style, Missionary, the curly wurly When something Is inserted, the receiver has to breath out to relax the muscles. There is no doubt that atmosphere is extremely important. Its important to  enjoy the process without being distracted.  Use some elements, like music, lingerie, candles, massage oils  to create a romantic atmosphere. Dialogue . We recommend discussing important points in advance: whether toys will be used,  from which pose to start, who will guide and set the pace. It is also important to agree to stop if someone feels discomfort or unpleasant feelings, you can use a safe word for this purpose. Safety.  For anal sex, it is best to use classic condoms or specialized ones, usually  marked "ultra strong." Lubricants. it should be used every time you open this door. Silicone-based is  the most commonly used for backdoor, works perfectly for this purpose. Oil-based is not as popular as previous one,  because is not compatible with condoms, used for anal sex and fisting if you have unprotected sex. Hygiene, cleaning .  It is important that the anal sex is not considered as "dirty» for you or your partner , so it is recommended to pay special attention to hygiene. You can use enema bag, enema bulb, anal shower, suppositories or eat fiber enriched foods before that if you don’t wanna clean inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjgEdRtIKfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XmJv_GdToo