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Anal for men

Anal for men
Most straight men think of anal play as something that’s only suitable for women or gay men. Anal play can seem like an intimidating idea for a straight guy but it doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. If you’re a straight guy who would like to try out anal masturbation or anal play with your partner, here are answers to all the questions you might have and more:

Is anal sex painful for guys?

If you’ve ever had a prostate exam before, you might think that that is what anal play or anal sex feels like for guys. Luckily, the truth is that anal play for men shouldn’t be painful if you do it right. The key to pleasurable male anal and amazing orgasms that come with it is relaxation.

Will my girlfriend think I’m gay if I ask for anal play?

A lot of straight men in heterosexual relationships are afraid of asking their female partners to incorporate anal play into their sex lives because they are afraid that their wife or girlfriend will think they’re gay. While your woman might not be 100% comfortable with your request right away, you need to talk about it and give her time to process your request and understand that you’re only exploring what feels good and have no sexual or romantic interest in men.

Am I gay if I like anal sex?

Wanting to try anal sex or enjoying anal play doesn’t mean that you’re gay or even bisexual. It simply means that you enjoy that type of stimulation. If you are attracted to women and not attracted to men, you’re a heterosexual guy who enjoys anal stimulation and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Why should men try anal play?

Many straight guys refuse to even think about anal play because they can already enjoy giving vaginal or anal sex to their female partners, receiving oral sex or masturbation and there’s no reason to try anal sex. However, this is a huge missed opportunity because anal sex and anal play can truly give you the best orgasm of your life.

How to have safe anal sex?

The main concern most people have with anal play or anal sex safety is anal tearing. The thought of this is definitely scary but the good news is that if you follow a few simple rules when having anal sex, you will be safe. This includes always using lots of lubricant on your fingers or toys that you insert in the rectum and starting with small finger-sized toys and slowly working your way up from there.

How to make sure anal sex is clean?

Many people are concerned to try anal sex because they think it will be messy. Luckily, in most cases, anal sex is quite clean but there’re a few things you can do to make it cleaner. First, makes sure that you empty your bowels a few hours before engaging in anal play and take a shower right before to clean your anus. You can also douche your rectum or even give yourself an enema if you’re really concerned about cleanliness. Additionally, consider shaving the area around your anus and prepare some gloves, lubricant and wet wipes for your partner to keep things extra sanitary.