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Amazon sex position

Amazon sex position

What is the Amazon sex position?

A lot of people have never heard of or tried the Amazon sex position and if you’re one of them, you might be missing out big time. It’s a bit of an exotic position where the woman is on top. This position is a great choice for women who love to feel a bit dominating in the bedroom. To perform the Amazon sex position, the guy needs to lie down on his back, bend his knees and bring his legs upwards towards his stomach and chest. The woman then needs to squat over the man’s hips and start moving up and down on the penis in a squatted position. One thing to remember with this position is that your guy’s penis will be slightly bent backward in the Amazon sex position, so you need to be careful not to hurt him.

The woman’s role in the Amazon sex position

In the Amazon sex pose, the woman does the majority of the work. If you’re trying this position for the first time, it’s best to position yourself before you take him penis into your vagina. Simply squat above his hips and then slowly insert his penis into your vagina. Then, start moving very slowly for the first few strokes and checking in with the guy to make sure that he’s comfortable. If the position is a bit difficult to do for you, you can try leaning against his thighs to make it easier on your legs.

The man’s role in Amazon-style sex

The guy really doesn’t do much in the Amazon sex position. All he needs to do is position himself in the right way, which can require a little bit of flexibility to pull up his legs far enough to his chest. If he wants to help you, he can also move his thighs up and down to make your movements up and down easier.

Reverse amazon sex position and other variations

If you like the Amazon sex position but feel like it can be made better, you can try some variations. For instance, the reverse Amazon position is a lot easier to perform then the regular Amazon position because you can sit on your boyfriend’s thighs and bounce on them. You can also try the kneeling Amazon position where you kneel instead of squatting over your man - this will take a significant amount of pressure off your legs. You can also try leaning forward while performing the traditional Amazon sex position - this will significantly ease the strain on your guy’s penis and it won’t bend backward as much.