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Adult nursing relationship

Adult nursing relationship
If you’re like most people, you might have never even heard about ANR before or perhaps you’re reading this article because you heard the term ANR and now are wondering what it is. No matter what your questions are, we’re here to answer them.

What is ANR or adult nursing relationship?

ANR stands for adult nursing relationship and it’s exactly what it sounds like - it’s a breastfeeding relationship between two consenting adults, usually a man and a woman. ANR can be practiced by two people who are in a sexual or romantic relationship or simply people who like the practice.

Why do people enjoy adult nursing?

Even though adult nursing can seem weird, especially if you’re not into kinky sex or fetishes, there’s nothing bad about it and it can be beneficial for both partners. A lot of women who engage in adult nursing relationships enjoy the feeling of closeness and bonding they feel towards their partner. This is because when a woman breastfeeds, she experiences a powerful release of oxytocin in the body, which makes her feel intimate with the person who’s being breastfed. Men, on the other hand, often enjoy the feeling of safety and comfort during breastfeeding, which can often remind them of how they felt when they were breastfed as infants.

Where do people find ANR partners?

Some people start adult breastfeeding with their partner either when they want to try something completely different in bed or when the woman has a baby and it happens naturally. Some people also specifically seek out ANR partners in ARN communities.

Frequently asked questions about ANR fetish

Is adult nursing safe?

Adult nursing is completely safe in most cases, as nursing an adult is no different than nursing a child. The only potential problem is that the woman might not be able to produce enough milk for the baby and her ANR partner, but this should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Does adult nursing have to be sexual?

Some people engage in adult nursing as a sexual practice, but it doesn’t have to be sexual - two people can simply enjoy the feeling of safety, closeness and intimacy that ANR brings.

Can non-lactating women practice ANR fetish?

Absolutely, even women who are not producing milk can engage in adult nursing, although when done frequently and for a prolonged amount of time, dry nursing can cause a woman to start lactating.