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A simple guide to easy prostate milking

A simple guide to easy prostate milking

What’s prostate milking?

Prostate milking refers to any type of internal prostate stimulation to orgasm. The prostate is a gland that is unique to males, it is located 2-3 inches inside the rectum on its front wall. This part of a man’s body is incredibly sensitive and its stimulation can lead to an amazing orgasm that would be hard to achieve without it. According to people who have tried prostate milking, the sensation you get when stimulating your prostate feels like continuous waves of pleasure that feel similar to the start of an orgasm but can be felt throughout the entire body. These sensations usually last longer and feel a lot more intense, plus, unlike regular orgasms, you don’t need to cool down in between orgasms from prostate stimulation, so you can experience several of them one after another.

Prostate milking techniques

The basic prostate milking technique is very simple - all you need to do is insert a well-lubed dildo or your finger into your anus two to three inches or about two knuckles deep into your anus and find your prostate by listening to your sensations when you stimulate different spots in your rectum. Next, simply rub, press or stroke your prostate and enjoy the sensations. The feelings you experience will likely be quite different from what you get from penile stimulation but you just need to relax and try to guide yourself to an orgasm.

How to milk your prostate using your fingers?

If you want to try milking your prostate but don’t have any toys or massagers, you can simply use your fingers to do it. Before you begin milking your prostate with your fingers, make sure that you take care of safety and hygiene. You need to make sure that your anus and the area around it are clean and that your nails are trimmed and smooth. It’s also best to put on a latex or nitrile glove on your hand or a condom on your finger. Next, get into a comfortable position - laying down on your side with your upper leg bent at the knee and brought to your chest will give you easy access to your anus. You can also place a pillow under your hips to give yourself a better angle. The next step is to apply lube to your finger or gloves, put a bit into your anus using your finger and coat the area around it. Once you’re ready, it’s time to find your prostate, you can’t touch it directly, so you will be accessing it through the wall of your rectum. All you need to do is to slowly start inserting your finger into your anus, curving it towards your stomach and gently pressing it against your rectum until you find a walnut-sized gland. Then, begin massaging your prostate by doing the ‘come hither’ motion with your curved finger. It’s best to start slowly, increasing the speed of your motions as you go. Another technique you can try is called the ‘Doorbell’ - all you need to do is press down on your prostate repeatedly as if you were ringing a doorbell. You can also try massaging your prostate in circular motions while maintaining an even level of pressure.

Frequently asked questions about prostate milking

Are prostate massage and prostate milking the same thing?

While people often use these two terms interchangeably, prostate massage and prostate milking are not exactly the same thing. Prostate milking refers only to the internal stimulation of the prostate through your anus, while a prostate massage can be both internal and external.

Can you massage your prostate without penetration?

Yes, you can absolutely massage your prostate without penetrating your anus. This can be done by massaging the perineum, which is the area between your anus and testicles. Keep in mind, however, that external stimulation usually provides less intense sensations than internal massage.

Why is prostate milking called this way?

Prostate milking gets its name because of the milky liquid that sometimes comes out when you orgasm from a prostate massage. This liquid is very similar to precum and doesn’t contain any sperm.

Is it safe to milk your prostate?

Prostate milking is completely safe if you take proper hygiene precautions and if you do it gently - if you milk your prostate too intensely, you can cause scratches, bleeding, hemorrhoids and other types of damage.