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69 position tips and tricks

69 position tips and tricks
It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about the 69 sex position - virtually everyone has seen it in a porno and most of us have tried it. If you didn’t love it the first time you tried 69 or if you want to improve on your 69 technique, keep reading this article for helpful 69 tips and tricks.

What is the 69 sex position?

The 69 is a whole set of sex positions in which the two partners position their heads next to each other’s genitals and perform oral sex on each other simultaneously. This is a great position, as it allows you and your partner to give and receive pleasure at the same time. Interestingly, the 69 sex position is not a new invention - humans have been performing this position and picturing it in works of art for thousands of years, which is a great testament to how amazing this sex position is.

Best 69 sex positions to try with your partner

Simple 69 positions

There are numerous 69 positions that require various levels of skill. If you don’t have much experience performing oral sex in the 69 position, start with the girl on top position. In this position, the man lies down on the bed while the woman positions herself on top of him with her head next to his penis, her knees on both sides of his chest and her vagina next to his mouth. Another simple 69 position is when a woman lies down on the bed and the man gets on top of her, essentially reversing the previous position. This position can be more difficult to perform than the first one since the man is usually heavier than the woman. Finally, the last basic position for men and women doing 69 is when the two partners are on their sides facing each other with their heads near each other’s genitals. This is probably the most comfortable 69 position, especially if both you and your partner are on the heavier side. You can make this position even more comfortable if you place pillows under your heads.

Advanced 69 positions

One of the most exotic ways to 69 is the standing 69 sex position. Since in this position the man has to basically carry the woman, it is only suitable for couples where the man is much larger than the woman and where both partners are relatively fit. To do this position, the man has to stand up and hold the woman upside down by her waist with her legs on the man’s shoulders and her face in front of his penis. Another unusual way to 69 is the sitting 69 position, which is very similar to the standing 69 sex position, except the man is sitting down on a chair or the edge of a bed. This position is much easier to do than the standing 69, while still being exotic enough to spice up your relationship.

Frequently asked questions about the 69 sex position

Is the 69 position pleasurable for both partners?

Yes! Unlike many other sex positions, both partners can feel pleasure when doing the 69 position.

Can anyone do the 69 sex position?

Unfortunately, you may find out that the 69 position is not an option for you and your partner if you have a significant difference in height or weight. You can try tweaking different 69 positions to see if you can make them work for you or simply enjoy giving each other oral sex separately.

Can homosexual couples do the 69 position?

There aren’t too many positions that work equally well for both homosexual and heterosexual partners but 69 is one of them - you can enjoy this position no matter what sex you and your partner are.