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5 best sex apps for couples

5 best sex apps for couples
Smartphones have made their way into virtually every part of our lives, making our lives easier and us more effective, which is why it’s no surprise that there are tons of smartphone apps that you can use to improve your sex life. Just like with any other category, there are some amazing apps but there are also lots of terrible, buggy and simply useless apps. Here’s an overview of the best couple’s sex apps on the market today:

SexRoulette app for adults

SexRoulette is a fun game that can spice up any relationship. The app has numerous racy sex games, including Spin the Wheel and Truth or Dare and it’s perfect if you and your partner feel like you’ve run out of new ideas and things to try in bed. This app allows you to choose a couple type (gay, lesbian or heterosexual), so it has games and dares for everyone! The SexRoulette app is perfect for use during foreplay and it can definitely help you two feel more intimate.

Sex Organizer sex app for busy couples

If you and your partner are very busy in your personal and professional lives and you like to deal with that by keeping detailed calendars, to-do lists and other tools that help to increase productivity, then Sex Organizer is the perfect app for you. If your goal is to be more intimate with your partner, have more sex and try new things in bed, Sex Organizer can help, as this app makes it easy to track your sex life. Plus, the app provides sex position suggestions to help you mix it up in the bedroom.

69 Places sex app for couples

If you like to have sex in new and exciting places or would like to try having sex outside the bedroom, 69 Places is the perfect app for the challenge. This app has an impressive list of 99 locations where you can have sex, some are quite tame but others are suitable only for the wildest lovers. The app also allows you to check off the locations where you’ve had sex, giving you an incentive to try to check off as many places as possible.

Semistry sex app for adults

Semistry is another amazing smartphone app that can help you evaluate your journey in sex and find out what you really want your sex life to be like in the future. In this app, you can input information about your past sexual experiences. Then, the app calculates your Sexual Experience Metric and visualizes the history of your sex life for you. Your partner can then complete the process as well and you two can compare and discuss results.

Kindu app to improve intimacy in the couple

If you and your partner would like to become more intimate with each other and improve your communication in addition to having fun in bed, try the Kindu app. This smartphone app for adults is full of fun and sensual suggestions for you and your partner to try, giving you new ideas in the bedroom and opening up a conversation about your desires in bed.