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4 things you didn’t know about TENS units in sex

4 things you didn’t know about TENS units in sex
TENS units are amazing medical devices and electrosex toys that can give you tons of sexual stimulation and pleasure. But do you know how to maximize the effect of a TENS unit? Or are you wondering if TENS units can be used to achieve a hands-free orgasm or if you can use them on a penis or a vulva? Wonder no more, in this article, we will talk about 4 things you didn’t know about using TENS units for masturbation and sex.

Shaving might help you take more advantage of TENS unit sexual stimulation

Think about where you usually use your TENS unit (or the places you’d like to use it on when you try it). If it’s your genitals, the area around them or many other parts of your body, there’s probably at least some hair on that part of your skin. If that hair is thin and light, shaving it might not make a huge difference, but if the hair is thick and bushy, it might be blocking a lot of the electrical current. Shaving or at least trimming the hair on the areas where you’d like to use your TENS unit can help improve your sensations significantly.

You can use a TENS unit on and around the vulva

Even if you have a regular medical TENS unit device at home, it can be safely used for external vaginal stimulation by placing the electrode pads on both sides of your clit, on either side of the vaginal opening or virtually anywhere else on the surface of the vulva. Keep in mind that you can’t place regular electrode pads inside the vagina and always start on the lowest intensity setting when testing out the device in a new area.

You can use a TENS unit on the penis and testicles

As exotic as it may sound, TENS units can be used on and around a man’s penis for incredible sensations. You can experiment with electrode placement to find out what feels the best for you, but some of the best electrode placement options include electrodes on the testicles, along the shaft of the penis, on the frenulum or even on the perineum for prostate stimulation without anal penetration.

You can achieve a hands-free orgasm with a TENS unit

A hands-free orgasm is something a lot of people dream about but few people can achieve. But with a TENS unit, a hands-free orgasm becomes totally possible! Unlike many other sex toys that promise to give you a hands-free orgasm, a TENS device can actually deliver a real hands-free orgasm most of the time. This type of orgasm is easier to achieve for women rather than men because men are more used to stroking motions as opposed to the sensations from a TENS unit, but most men can learn to orgasm from the TENS unit stimulation.

Frequently asked questions about TENS units for sexual stimulation

What are TENS units?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. When a TENS unit device is attached to your body, it delivers a small amount of electrical current to your skin and muscle, which results in pain relief and sexual stimulation.

Are TENS units safe to use?

There are some health conditions that prohibit the use of TENS unit devices but if you don’t suffer from those conditions and follow all the safety precautions, TENS units are completely safe to use. In fact, they are widely used in the medical field for pain relief.

Can you use TENS units anywhere on the body?

The answer to this question is a hard ‘no’. You should never use your TENS device on your head, neck or around your heart. Some people even suggest not using it above the waist to maximize safety. In any scenario, you should always carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your device and follow those instructions.