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In new series on In Bed With Kate we talk to big names of adult industry and exchange our opinions on the industry and the world around us. Sex workers usually deal with a lot of judgement because of their profession, we want to show you how nice, intelligent and interesting they really are. Mr. Marcus is the stage name of Jesse Spencer, an American actor and director known for acting in or directing over 1,800 pornographic films. We didnt ask about syphilis outbreak because he has already served his sentence and we wanted to focus on opening up his personality. Enjoy

There are many different types of orgasm and for sure not many ppl can name all of them. So today we will talk about one type that is the least common- nipple orgasm.

Today we are gonna talk about the most aestetically pleasing sex toys on the market that are finally  making their way into the spotlight. Glass toys have been around for a while and they are an iconic part of sex toy history  but a lot of people still remain  skeptical about them because it does sound a bit unsafe for same to put something made of glass in vagina. Here are some reasons to add glass toys in your bedroom assortment!

Keon is a unique masturbator that doesn’t only fully imitates penetration but also  can be turned into a fuck machine if you add some accessories to your purchase. For 200 usd you don’t only get a 2 way fuck machine but also an interactive fuck machine that connects to the app FeelConnect, FeelPerformer y FeelVR . The technology enables  Long-distance control meaning partners can play with each other even when they are in different countries , connecting  to interactive videos meaning you can feel the same sensations that you see in a porn video and also webcam interactive feature for people working in webcam business. It is also compatible with content from FeelMe.com, Pornhub.com VR porn ,  3D games . Have you ever watched porn in VR with the toy that does exactly the same things you see on the video? You are missing out!

Blow job,  giving head, going down: whatever you call it, every penis needs it.   BJ is an art, so if you wanna be on the top of that and make him be crazy about you, here there are some ideas:

For many women when a guy doesn’t take a good care of his penis it’s a major turn off.  Maybe you don’t feel your own odor but it doesn’t mean its not there. Maintaining good hygiene and care of your genitals reduces the chances of developing problems like skin irritations and some common infections.

We have reached 2k subs meaning it’s the time to introduce myself properly, so this video is not about bj or hj but about me as a person Usually when I meet ppl for the first time they  ask me about  what I do for living, its always very funny to see their reaction. Many of them become very uncomfortable and embarrassed while some are very excited and amazed! Especially On the dates  the moment I say this- It blows guys mind. SO   people ask me  the same question over and over again :  why you decided to start a career in this field? SO in this video I will tell you about my past how I started this career, how I moved to US from Russia, my path wasn’t an easy one but you always have a choice to remain where you belong  or get out of your comfort zone and  build your life the way you want. I wanna share with you how I got there and why I want to do this for the rest of my life and maybe my story will become an example for people who are not happy where they are

Hi, today video is a review of new product from Kiiroo the leading brand of interactive toys based in Amsterdam that keeps surprising the world with their technologies!Titan male masturbator by Kiiroo takes masturbation fun to the next level. What could be better than a blowjob on demand? The Titan is a unique male masturbator because it can be connected to the app FeelConnect, FeelPerformer y FeelVR . The technology enables  long-distance control meaning partners can play with each other even when they are in different countries , connecting  to interactive videos meaning you can feel the same sensations that you see in a porn video and also webcam interactive feature for people working in webcam business.

Today we review of new product from Kiiroo, the leading brand of interactive toys based in Amsterdam and they keep surprising the world with their technologies! today video is a review of their interactive masturbator Kiiroo with the app - onyx +,   which in my opinion is one of the best masturbators on the market.

Ignoring the problems associated with poor vaginal hygiene can lead to many complications in the future. Here there are some essential rules

Today video is a review of new product from Kiiroo and ohmybod-Eska. Kiiroo is the leading brand of interactive toys from Amsterdam.  The Eska is  wearable massager that can be used during either solo or couples’ play. It is primarily designed for G-spot stimulation and allows your partner to control it from literally anywhere via its FeelConnect .

If I enjoy butt play, does that mean I’m gay? It means that you simply enjoy anal play nothing more or nothing less! Even during  digital rectal exam that is a part of a prostate cancer screening,  there is a a good chance men would get an erection during this procedure. Why? Because the male G-spot is right by the prostate gland, and the easiest way to stimulate the prostate gland is by inserting something into the anus. pleasure from  inseting something in your butt doesn’t say anything about your sexual orientation.   Being gay is an orientation when you find men attractive. Liking a finger or a plug in your butt doesn’t change who you’re attracted to

Edging  is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm  when you are almost there.  This means stopping sexual stimulation before you come, waiting about 30 seconds, and then stimulating yourself again, repeating until you’re ready to orgasm. SO lets find out how this technique can benefit your sex and how to do it right.

Have you heard about Edging before?  Edging  is the practice of stopping yourself from reaching orgasm  when you are almost there.  This means stopping sexual stimulation before you come, waiting about 30 seconds, and then stimulating yourself again, repeating until you’re ready to orgasm. SO lets find out how this technique can benefit your sex and how to do it right.

Many people have their youtube channels suspended every day, especially if your channel covers some sexually related topics. That exactly what happened to me recently but  I put all my effort to get it back and I got it back in less than 24 hours, so today I will share with you how I did It.

Wax play involves dripping candle wax onto your partner (or yourself) in a sexy way. And while most wax play is considered a part of BDSM, it doesn’t always have to be and you can def use it for spicing up sex or as a part of foreplay.  Reminder- if you play with the  fire you can get burn literally in this case.  here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

  • Sometimes I experience bleeding after sex, is it normal? It happens quite often. It can   be a sign of   an infection or cervical polyp, but sometimes it can be a sign of  cervical cancer. sometimes such bleeding turns out to be nothing or even natural from the rough sex or big size penis.   teenage women or pregnant women, notice light bleeding after sex, which is   normal on developmental changes of the cervix.   if it happens once in 10 times I wouldn’t be worried, if it happens all the time- better to get checked

Fact: The left testicle usually hangs lower than the right for right-handed men. The opposite is true for lefties. Fact: One out of every six Americans aged 14 to 49 has a genital herpes HSV-2 infection. Fact: After fingers and vibrators, candles are the phallic objects used most often by female masturbators. Fact: When two people kiss, they exchange between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria.

How many times your male partner fell asleep right after sex? I am sure many of your partners did it many times. SO, WHY DOES HE DO THAT? According to health experts, as soon as a man reaches orgasm, his body chemistry changes. This happens when the biochemical prolactin is released, it makes him tired and he tends to sleep after an intimate session.

Deep-throating is an oral sex technique that involves taking the entire penis into the mouth until it reaches the back of the throat. So here there are  some essential tips for a pleasurable experience.

Deep-throating is an oral sex technique that involves taking the entire penis into the mouth until it reaches the back of the throat. Deep-throating can cause the giver to gag or even regurgitate  so here there are some tips that will help to cope with this reflex:

We all know that yoga has many benefits. Not only does yoga boast amazing stress-relieving qualities, it can also help you lose weight, improve your digestion, and even reprogram your DNA.  While you might come to the mat to find your Zen, the benefits of yoga are even better than we thought. It may not seem obvious but  spending time on the yoga mat can enhance your sex life.  It turns out that yoga can improve your sex life and some yoga poses are especially beneficial for sex:

We all know that yoga has many benefits. Not only does yoga boast amazing stress-relieving qualities, it can also help you lose weight, improve your digestion, and even reprogram your DNA.  While you might come to the mat to find your Zen, the benefits of yoga are even better than we thought. It may not seem obvious but  spending time on the yoga mat can enhance your sex life.  It turns out that yoga can improve your sex life in more ways than one so lets find out how:

For centuries, people have wondered whether the menstrual cycle was linked to the phases of the moon. One of the first people to suggest a link between menstruation and the moon was none other than Charles Darwin, who observed the link between the length of the menstrual cycle and that of the lunar cycle.

Hey guys! Today we talk about a very important skill to have. Learning how to give a great hand job   is a secret  weapon, that not many women have.  You don’t wanna stroke it the same way over and over again, hand job is an art and many workers of spa salons can bring any client to the happiest ending in minutes, they def know something you don’t know! These tips will make  the  guy be  begging you for more, I promise.

The Russo-Ukrainian War is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine that has shocked all civilized world with  thousands of civilians killed in 1 month and dozens of towns and cities across Ukraine are destroyed. I am sharing with you my new video that is quite different from my usual sex related content because its what matter right now .

Jewel munching, eating pussy,   cunnilingus… Cunnilingus  can be H-O-T to give and receive — so long as the giver knows what they’re doing. But not many of them do unfortunately , so today we will talk about how to go downtown!

Pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates her partner anally. Usually, pegging is often the act between heterosexual couples, so it’s a woman basically “banging” the man. So here there are some essential tips:

Pegging is when a woman wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates her partner anally. Usually, pegging is often the act between heterosexual couples, so it’s a woman basically “banging” the man. So here there are some essentials that you need to buy:

Why do people do it? Pegging can be intensely pleasurable for both parties. The anus and rectum are filled with sensitive nerve endings that are stimulated during anal penetration. When the dildo massages the prostate gland of a penis-owner, they may experience a full-body prostate orgasm. Those who have tried it often say it’s some of the most intense sensations they’ve experienced.

Casual dating can sometimes lead to a serious relationship and can be one of the early stages of a relationship. But in other situations, people choose to keep things casual because they specifically don't want anything more than that.

On dating profiles in 2022 you might saw a lot of people who are looking only for casual dating meaning sex with no strings attached, you might have mixed feelings about it but it’s a reality .

Polygamy is rare throughout most of the world. In the U.S., having spouse like relationships with more than one person under the same roof was criminalized in 1882. Today, people in the U.S. are rarely prosecuted for living with multiple romantic partners, but every state has laws against getting married while already being married to someone else.

Not happy with how hard your erections get? You’re not alone.  But in bed with kate will help you out! !   a Lot of guys don’t take care about their health until something goes wrong and they cant simply get hard when they are in a bed with the woman they really like. We live in the world with fucked up ecology and we eat food that barely contain any nutrition. We need to support our body if we want it to perform well,  so there are some supplements that you can take regularly to increase your testosterone production and  today we will talk about one of them that is called T drive, a product that can take  your sex performance to  another level.

When you decide to have sex for the first time, it’s important for you to feel comfortable and do what makes you feel good.   So lets talk about how to have sex for the first time.

  1. 20 percent of people in the US has an STD.
  2. 50 percent of sexually active youths will contract an STD by 25.
  3. 20 percent of high-school girls have an STD.
  4. 1 in 5 people over 12 have genital herpes as a result of type one or two herpes, though most genital herpes are from type two.
  5. Only around 10 to 25 percent of people infected with genital herpes know they have it.
  6. 15 new STDs are reported by porn actors and actresses each week.
  7. Chlamydia is the most common STD. Women are three times more likely to be infected than men; however, it is thought to be due to the higher number of women screened for it.
  8. HIV is the least common with 20,000 new cases per year.

The official terminology for tickling fetishism is known as knismolagnia   which is  an arousal derived from tickling someone or the sensation of being tickled themselves. As far as fetishes go, knismolagnia is said to be one of the “most obscure” , and least researched of the paraphilias. However, people who have it often prefer tickling over other sexual activities including intercourse. Some people can orgasm from tickling pleasure alone. Others don’t even need to be touched and can get turned on just by watching someone get tickled or by tickling someone else

The official terminology for tickling fetishism is known as knismolagnia   which is  an arousal derived from tickling someone or the sensation of being tickled themselves. As far as fetishes go, knismolagnia is said to be one of the “most obscure” , and least researched of the paraphilias. However, people who have it often prefer tickling over other sexual activities including intercourse. Some people can orgasm from tickling pleasure alone. Others don’t even need to be touched and can get turned on just by watching someone get tickled or by tickling someone else

Vaginismus is a mind-body response to the fear of vaginal penetration - the  muscles tighten involuntarily, making penetration impossible or very painful.  It  is common for women  who have experienced sexual harm,   cancer,  menopause. There are also some psychological reasons like sexual shame.

Although a painful breakup may cause you to think life as you know it is over, the world doesn't stop because your relationship ended. You'll need to figure out how to carry on your daily activities — including work — even when your heart feels broken. So here there are some tips how to overcome this pain and start a new chapter in your life.

Let me introduce you  Xbiz award winning toy  that is called Snailvibe . Why such a strange name you may ask? Because it does look exactly like a snail! SO whats so special about this shape and why so much research was needed for developing this product and why it looks like a snail after all? The Bridge Technique developed by Dr Helen Kaplan helps create new neural connections between erogenous zones. External and internal stimulation is connected by the "Bridge" through which the clitoral orgasm becomes a vaginal orgasm or vice versa

Health and safety is probably the last thing on your mind when caught in the throes of passion but some sex positions  can occasionally cause serious harm. So Here are some sex positions that   can lead to dire consequences, if not done properly.

The term rimming refers to anal foreplay with the tongue – specifically licking, penetrating, sucking, kissing, or otherwise orally stimulating your partner's anus.  With a little bit of preparation and some basic hygiene, there's no reason why you can't still enjoy an anilingus.

Dating apps are one of the easiest ways to meet people these days. Though swiping through countless profiles can be quick and effective, it can be tricky to tell what you're getting yourself into based on someone's profile. So here there are some red flags that signal you not to waste your time and say  “next” .

No one wants to poop during anal sex and we will make sure you will not!   While you are concerned about poop, you are missing an opportunity to have mind blowing orgasms. So its time to learn how to clean your butt and enjoy anal sex as much as you can!

We vibe is one of the most popular brands worldwide, originally from Canada, the brand has been one of  the most innovative sex toy brands since it was founded in 2003.  Chorus is an upgraded version of their couples vibrator we vibe sync, this is the vibrator for couples that can be used during the sex, so you can use it during penetrative sex.

When you’ve been in a long-term relationship,  routine and monotony kills the passion and it’s a fact.  It happens to almost every couple, its just a question of time. The longer a relationship has been going on, the more likely your sex life is to suffer.  Sex is supposed to be fun so you have to figure out how to make it fun and here are some tips!

No matter who you are, you have an opinion on the sex act 69. You might think it's hot  or you think that its weird.  Yes, you climb on top of another person so You're giving and receiving oral simultaneously, to understand if you like it or not, it worth trying at least once. So here there are some tips!

Blow job,  giving head, going down: whatever you call it, every penis needs it. Receiving a blow job is good—but giving head is not so easy .  Here there are some rules for amazing bj!

If you don’t know what to give to your other half for Christmas, maybe this year consider  something, that you can enjoy together  in bed! If you havent tried anything with your partner yet, giving a sexy gift is the easiest way to get your partner on board with this idea!  Here there are some gift ideas for you:

Even if you and your partner talk about every single thing and you are extremely close, it can *still* be weird to bring up the sex toy conversation. But don't worry, your partner wants to have this conversation too. Sex toys are the perfect way to spice up your sexual life. And there is nothing bad in talking about sex. There is no shame or dirt in sex. Shame and dirt can be about the people, but not about the sex, so your communication is the key to your sexual adventures and long term relationships and endless passion,

Valentines day is coming and there is no better thing to do for this day than having a great sex with your partner! Here there are some ideas for your unforgettable night! WE will recommend sex toys from different categories and we will try to offer you different price range for every category. Pls don’t forget to subscribe and push the like button!

Penis Pump is one of the most popular groups of products for men. A penis pump is one of a few nonmedicated treatment options available for erectile dysfunction (ED). Why? Let me break it down for you:

Anal sex, though still largely considered a taboo subject, is gradually gaining acceptance across cultures and age groups. Even though vaginal intercourse is still on the top of the list, anal intercourse is witnessing a staggering number of internet searches and sex toys sales. Studies indicate that over 40% of women between the ages of 20 and 49 have had anal sex. For men, this figure is 40% too; however, the age bracket extends slightly higher to 20 and 59 years. SO here there are some facts about this type of sex that you should put into account if you still haven’t experienced it yourself.


Нужны девушки-модели (18-35 лет) для съемок в эротике (от соло до харда) в Москве и СПб для зарубежных студий (видео и фото в России не распространяются). Лучшие условия для моделей из России и СНГ. Иногородним оплачиваются билеты. Если заинтересовало, ждем обратной связи. Все детали обсуждаются в переписке или при личной встрече. Пожалуйста, пишите только если вы действительно намерены сниматься (фейки и анонимы не нужны). Давайте ценить время друг-друга. Пишите на почту, направляйте свои контакты и снепы (тестовые фотографии) [email protected]

There were approximately 37.6 million people across the globe with HIV. Scientists from my home country Russia have developed HIV medications that are used all over the world, unfortunately, in many countries its not free (including Russia) and not many people are aware that those medications even exist. It US you can get either type for free!

Polygamy is rare throughout most of the world. In the U.S., having spouse like relationships with more than one person under the same roof was criminalized in 1882. Today, people in the U.S. are rarely prosecuted for living with multiple romantic partners, but every state has laws against getting married while already being married to someone else.

Today we review of hot and  new product from Svakom-Sam Neo, interactive  masturbator with APP and suction, which in my opinion is one of the best masurbators on the market. For most men blow jobs are  the best way to get off, because they let you totally focus on your own pleasure.  What could be better than a blowjob on demand? That’s exactly what this toy is about!

Whether you have a foot kink or a foot fetish or you are not sure yet,  Here are some fun ideas to try solo or with a partner which are not extreme, but it will help you to understand if you wanna move forward with foot fetish experiments:

A foot fetish is  a main stream sexual kink.  One study  found that almost half of people surveyed said they had a foot fetish .Foot fetishism is defined as pronounced sexual interest in feet, but there are many types of foot festishism.

Dating is not easy especially in big cities. First dates may be the perfect recipe for nerves, but they are also the perfect opportunity to work out if someone is really right for you. SO here there are some red flags that you should pay attention to save your time:

I think everyone had a situation when  your first date went well until you kissed for the first time. Yes, a lot of people don’t know how to kiss and it’s a biggest turn off. From figuring out the right amount of tongue to use to remembering to breathe, there's a lot that goes into how to French kiss.   French kissing is an art  but you can  always improve your technique .

Serotonin is the "feel-good" chemical with a variety of functions in the human body.  . Serotonin plays a role in our mood, sleep, emotions, appetite, and digestion. People with low levels of serotonin (also known as a serotonin deficiency), find themselves feeling tired, irritable, and unable to function properly.

Role play is a good year round activity that has many benefits for your intimate life! So go ahead, it's time to get that costume out of your closet and learn the many ways you can benefit from doing some role play!

When the term was coined by sex advice columnist Dan Savage in 2001, it was meant to name the scenario when a cisgender woman dons a strap-on to anally penetrate her cis male partner. Why do people do it?

  • Too little lubrication. many women simply do not produce enough va*inal lubrication, including younger women. Try to use waterbased lubricant.
  • You may be suffering from a skin condition or STD. Make sure you visit your GP to get your skin condition defined and tested.

  1. 20 percent of people in the US has an STD.
  2. 50 percent of sexually active youths will contract an STD by 25.
  3. 20 percent of high-school girls have an STD.
  4. 1 in 5 people over 12 have genital herpes as a result of type one or two herpes, though most genital herpes are from type two.
  5. Only around 10 to 25 percent of people infected with genital herpes know they have it.
  6. 15 new STDs are reported by porn actors and actresses each week.
  7. Chlamydia is the most common STD. Women are three times more likely to be infected than men; however, it is thought to be due to the higher number of women screened for it.
  8. HIV is the least common with 20,000 new cases per year.

A foot fetish is  a main stream kink.  Quentin Tarantino popularized it at some point when Uma Thurman's  feet were shown in all the details in Pulp Fiction, the theme of foot fetish appeared in his movies many times.  "foot hooking" has been sweeping New York lately. Rich dudes pay up to $200 and a $100 entrance fee at a private spa to lick and "worship" women's feet. One study  found that almost half of people surveyed said they had a foot fetish .

The official terminology for tickling fetishism is known as knismolagnia   which is  an arousal derived from tickling someone or the sensation of being tickled themselves. As far as fetishes go, knismolagnia is said to be one of the “most obscure” , and least researched of the paraphilias.

Sigmund Freud got some things wrong but he did get several very important things right! Here are seven of his most important discoveries about love and intimacy:

Vaginismus is a mind-body response to the fear of vaginal penetration - the  muscles tighten involuntarily, making penetration impossible or very painful.  It  is common for women  who have experienced sexual harm,   cancer,  menopause. There are also some psychological reasons like sexual shame.

There are so many different toys out there, that it's easy to get overwhelmed. If you have no idea where to start or even how to pick, I have to say that my vote would be: a bullet Amo from Hot Octopuss.

Polygamy is rare throughout most of the world. In the U.S., having spouselike relationships with more than one person under the same roof was criminalized in 1882. Today, people in the U.S. are rarely prosecuted for living with multiple romantic partners, but every state has laws against getting married while already being married to someone else.

There’s no need to be shy about owning a vibrator, moreover, here’s how using them  can really help your health and wellbeing…

America is back fighting its endless legal war over abortion.  Texas law banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy went into  effect,   making the state the most restrictive in the nation in terms of access to abortion.  the law does not make exceptions for rape or incest  So here there are some ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies

The only way to enjoy sex fully is to  tell your partner what you want in bed. But talking about sex, especially if you’re not used to it, can be very uncomfortable even for couples who have been together for years.  So lets talk about how to ask for what you want, without hurting your partner’s feelings .

An anal orgasm is exactly what it sounds like and literally everyone can experience that both people with vaginas and penises.  !

Its the last days of anal August so we encourage you to celebrate! For many, the first time trying anal is also the last when trying it for the first time is painful.  if you follow these rules  your first time will be a beginning of your exciting and pleasurable anal journey.

We receive a lot of questions from you and here we will  try to answer the most interesting ones! :

We receive a lot of questions from you and here we will  try to answer the most interesting ones! :

There are people among us who need a little something else to achieve the desired excitement.  So let's take a look at the weirdest fetishes you can meet.

Kegel balls, or Ben Wa balls, have been used for centuries to strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Exercises with kegel balls can bring your sex life to another level.   its very common situation when women cant orgasm from the vaginal intercourse but not many women know that reason is weak pelvic floor muscles, that you can actually strengthen very easily.    Good thinking intimate tone - a key to e women's health and satisfying sex, its like a gym for your pussy and every woman needs it.

President of Brazil  Bolsonaro tweeted once, "What is a golden shower?".    Donald Trump popularized this kink  when  "a number of prostitutes claimed  to perform a 'golden showers'  show in front of him" at a hotel. While to some, golden showers are just a  Donald Trump joke, to others it’s a hidden desire or the biggest turn on . Golden showers are one form of piss play,  sexual play involving piss.   If you think ask yourself : “wait what??”  this particular kink is actually very common, according to the experts. In fact, an Australian survey says that around four percent of men have a piss play fetish.

Realistic mold masturbators have  the most natural look and  life-like feel possible. To create the mold, the  manufacturer presses plaster or a similar compound against the model and holds it in place until it dries.

The market of masturbators made from realistic materials is growing every year. For everyone, who is ashamed of using or ordering masturbators, lets first find out what benefits male toys like this one can provide !

Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. It has many benefits for your physical and mental health.

The world is a fascinating place, especially when it comes to human sexual behavior. Here there are some unusual fetishes I have come across: 

Larry Flynt,  who built a $400 million empire of   strip clubs and “adult” shops around his sexually explicit magazine Hustler, and spent decades battling obscenity and libel charges as a self-promoting champion of freedom of the press. Larry died at his home in Los Angeles. He was 78.

A lot of people have wrong assumptions about sex during period but actually there’s no need to avoid sexual activity during these days. Though period sex can be a bit messy, it is safe. There is no need to skip your date because you are on the period and  having sex when you’re menstruating can actually offer a few advantages, so lets talk about them and how to do it right during this delicate time. And remember, there is no wrong time for having sex!!

The fear that your penis looks too small or is too small to satisfy your partner during sex is common. If your penis is about 13 cm (5 inches) or longer when erect, it's of normal size. Doesn’t matter what size you have, If you wanna make your penis bigger and feel more confident, there are several ways:

A new product from Svakom-Phoenix, interactive vibrator with APP has won an xbiz award 2021 and can help webcam performers to earn extra profit! .   Connexion Series line was launched this summer and  includes 5 new products with “Feel Connect 3” App available on Google Play and Apple's App Store.

Impact play is anything related to spanking, whether by hand or with tools, such as floggers, crops, paddles or whips.  As more professional device, as more it requires a knowledge and technique. Spanking devices are combined well when used with feather ticklers, they provide excellent balance between super soft, sensual and rough impact play.

Magic Wand is the best selling sex toy according to Forbes and here there are some facts:

Lets talk  about  preparation for anal sex. Following these steps,  you can remain relaxed and comfortable!

Many may not realize how sexual shame stand in the way of confidence, intimacy, and healthy relationships.  When you feel sexual shame, you can experience sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction, trouble with intimacy and relationships, viewing sex as “bad” or something that you “shouldn’t do”, you’re uncomfortable talking about sex and you feel vulnerable when you are naked. Many people feel nervous, or a deep embarrassment, when the topic of sex comes up, so where its coming from and how do you fix it?

People like to get freaky in bed.   A little study on what the most prevalent fetish is in different places around the world.

Threesomes are the most common sexual fantasy in the United States, 4,175 people between the ages of 18 and 87 and found that 97% of men and 87% of women had fantasized about sex with more than one person. So, basically, everyone wants to have at least a threesome. But how many people are actually doing it?

Today we talk about the most exciting type of female orgasm, Indians in ancient india called it  “nectar of the gods”.  Any ideas? Yes, we talk about squirt today! Why it’s a nectar of the gods? Because its not pee as many guys think , it’s the most exciting type of orgasm and its fucking awesome!!    54 percent of women said that they’d experienced  it  at least once , but not you? Time to learn how to get your nectar of the gods!  it requires some work, so here is everything you need to know.!

In general women can easily achieve only clitoral orgasm, because young girls start to explore their sexuality by clitoris stimulation before defloration. In a 2017 study of 1,055 women, 36.6 percent reported that they needed clitoral stimulation to come. And another 36 percent said it significantly enhanced their pleasure. The clitoris has 8,000 highly-sensitive nerve endings, that’s why it needs to be stimulated, but very carefully.

There's a lot of sex toys out there and we know it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Many things need to be taken into consideration, but one thing you should always check is the material used to make it!

It’s a very common situation, when women cant reach orgasm from penetrative sex  and fake it instead of finding out the cause and fix it. Every woman is able to have it, but for some it takes more effort and more education/exploration of your body. Here there are some  reasons why it happens:

Double penetration is possible in a number of different ways .One way is to involve two different men , and another way is using sex toys/partner penis ,you can even DP yourself, you just need two objects for insertion, but once you try it, it might become an essential part of your masturbation session.

Even if you and your partner are extremely close,  sometimes its still hard to start a  conversation about adult toys. But don't worry, your partner will appreciate your initiative . Toys are perfect way to spice up your sexual life and your communication is the key to your adventures,  long term relationships and endless passion! Here there are some tips:

Nowadays men living in big cities experience erection problems every now and then and its not related to age factor. There are many reasons why its happening and a lot of things can de done to change it.

Bathmate is a world leader in penis enlargement product, All the way back in 2004, Bathmate inventor John Oakes developed a hydrotherapy pump designed to help out a friend - realising that this pump delivered more than a few results, John got together with some associates to officially launch Bathmate as a company in 2006 in UK, all their products are manufactured there. Pump creates a vacuum inside of the plastic tube forces blood into your penis, stretching and inflating your penis. Bathmate helps develop the penis Corpora Cavernosa making it grow large and strong.

There are many taboos regarding anal, but don’t limit your pleasure by thinking about this stuff! A prostate orgasm allows to experience a new sensation and will make you healthier and more satisfied about your sex life. Reasons to do it. Why we need to stimulate prostate? Besides the fact, that its very pleasurable for every guy on earth, There are many health benefits. Prostate has a several functions: It helps with sexual satisfaction, It’s the male G-spot, It filters toxins, helps with erections, helping reduce urinary infections. It regulates and helps produce testosterone, prostate massage can reduce your risk of prostate cancer and prevent prostatitis, painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction,. Regular prostate massage can become an integral part of self-care, which is right for you and feels excellent.

I do think that every guy had a moment, when he had a great and sexy partner and he wished he lasted longer in bed. There are some products, that you can buy at adult store together with a vibrator or lingerie for your girl, because we all realize women play hard to get men hard to play.

Sex parties - what are they and what are the rules?

How to get invited to a sex party?

If you’re new to the kinky scene in your city or town, it may not be hard to find a sex party but it can be very hard to get invited to one. After all, people come to sex parties to relax and let their true, kinky selves out without the risk of being judged, misunderstood or ever hurt either physically or emotionally. Sex parties require a lot of trust and acceptance, which is why it can take some time to find a sex party if you’re new to the community.

Ball stretching - how to do it?

What is ball stretching and why do some men do it?

Testicle stretching is exactly what it sounds like - it is the practice of stretching one’s scrotum to make the testicles hang lower. Some people are surprised to learn that a lot of men actually engage in ball stretching. Each person has his own reason for why they practice ball stretching. For instance, some men state that they like stretching their balls because they want them to hang lower for aesthetic reasons. Many guys like how an elongated scrotum helps their penis appear larger or makes their entire package look larger when they are wearing underwear. Other men simply enjoy the feeling of having their balls stretched or having them slap against their partner’s body during sex. Finally, ball stretching plays a prominent role in BDSM with the use of cock/ball torture devices and other ball stretching methods.

Testicle massage health benefits and techniques

What is testicular massage?

Testicular massage refers to the process of massaging a man’s testicles. This can sometimes be done during masturbation, oral sex or foreplay to get pleasurable sensations from this massage. But In this article, we will focus mainly on standalone testicle massage that’s performed for medical purposes.

BDSM pet play - everything you wanted to know

What is pet play?

Pet play or animal play is a type of BDSM role play where the submissive plays the role of an animal, while the dominant acts as the owner of the pet. Pet play can take on many forms and incorporate many other kinks, such as bondage, humiliation, etc.

BDSM contracts - things you should know

What are dom and sub contracts?

Dom and sub or BDSM contracts are agreements that a dominant and a submissive who want to engage in BDSM power play typically craft together and sign. These documents can be as simple and short or as long and complicated as both parties want - there’s no set standard for BDSM contracts.

Roth IRA vs 401k - everything you need to know

Have you already thought about saving for retirement? If yes, you probably know that the two most popular options are a 401(k) and a Roth IRA. They are quite different in many ways and might not suit everyone’s needs equally. Depending on your income level, eligibility criteria, employer match, and contribution limits you can make a choice between the 2 of them or sometimes even decide to use both.

How to wire transfer money?

What information do you need for a wire transfer?

Although it might seem a little bit old-fashioned to send money via a wire transfer (something like sending a real letter or telegram), it is actually the fastest way to send money across the whole country.

How to find places with free Wi-Fi near me?

Sometimes it can be challenging to find free Wi-Fi in your area. However, it is a totally doable task. There are many places with free internet, where you can sit for hours buying just a drink or snack. In chain restaurants, Wi-Fi usually comes as a part of the package. It is convenient, as chain restaurants are usually in every neighborhood and you can just go there with your laptop and surf the net. Cell phone companies would usually charge you a fortune for hot-spotting your mobile data to your laptop, but in chain restaurants, you can get a free wireless connection for an unlimited period of time. So here is the list of places that are pretty essen

Non-owner car insurance - all you need to know

Who needs non owner car insurance?

You don’t necessarily need to have a car to get car insurance. There is a special type of car insurance for individuals who drive cars quite often but who don’t own those cars. The non-owner car insurance can cover the expenses for injuries and car damage in the case of an accident in a borrowed car. If you are one of those people who drive rented cars a lot or need to drive a company car as a work duty, you should consider getting extra coverage just in case. You never know what can happen, thus, it might be wise to be sure you have adequate insurance.

How much does it cost to own a dog or cat?

Owning a pet is a big commitment. You don’t only commit emotionally but also financially as there are many costs associated with pet ownership. There are some initial costs for every type of pet - such as acquisition costs - no matter if you purchase from a breeder, adopt from an animal shelter, or buy from a pet store. However, it’s only just the beginning and later you will have to provide food for your pet, pay its medical bills, etc. Here is the list of the most common costs associated with owning a pet.

What is a CPN number and how do I get one?

What is a CPN?

CPN stands for a credit privacy number - it is essentially a nine-digit number that can be used in place of your Social Security number on credit documents. You can also sometimes see people referring to CPNs as secondary credit numbers (SCN) or credit profile numbers.

Best student loans reviewed - our picks

There’s no way around it - a college education isn’t cheap. Tuition cost has been rising steadily for many years and prospective college students and their parents are faced with the issue of having to pay tens or even thousands of dollars for education. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get the money to pay for your education and one of the most popular options is to take out a student loan.

Best free tax software reviewed

Tax season is a stressful time for everyone - no matter how many years you have been filing tax returns, they always seem complicated and stressful. On one hand, you don’t want to make any mistakes, on the other - you want to maximize your tax return. Some people choose to hire an accountant to do their taxes, others buy a tax prep program, but there’s another option - you can actually take advantage of free tax prep software if your income is below a certain level. Once your return is complete - you can file it for free online on the IRS website.

How to choose the best 529 plan?

What is a 529 plan and why do I need it?

It’s no secret that college in the US is insanely expensive and the price tag of a college education keeps rising every year. Most parents dream of having enough savings to pay for the college expenses of their children and if you’re a parent of a young child ready to start saving for his or her future college tuition, then you need to know that one of the best ways to do this is to open a 529 plan.

How to get low cost health insurance?

Do I really need health insurance?

It’s not a secret to anyone that health insurance in the US is incredibly expensive. Sure, a lot of employers provide health insurance to their employees as a part of the benefits package, but there are millions of Americans who are uninsured because they are unemployed, self-employed or because their employer doesn’t provide sufficient health insurance coverage.

Top portfolio allocation tools

Creating a great portfolio is an important step in everyone’s life. There are a lot of portfolio asset allocation tool examples that can suit your unique needs and help you create the best portfolio possible. Here are some good examples:

How to get out of debt quickly?

So many people nowadays are in some form of debt - credit card debt, student loan, mortgage, car loan, etc. Those numbers can actually be overwhelming. It might be hard for some Americans to pay for all their expenses and at the same time keep paying their debts off. Some of them choose not to face the reality, forgetting to make their monthly payments, which brings them to an even worse situation. That is not the right strategy and you should confront your problems rather than letting them rule your life. The first step to eliminating your debt will be keeping your things together.

Building your own home - is it cheaper than buying?

Is it cheaper to buy land and build the house or buy an existing one?

The discussion on whether it’s better to buy or build a house can go for decades. Both options definitely have their ups and downs. Building a new home from scratch eliminates the necessity to change anything in the house in the nearest future - everything is brand new. On the other hand, there are so many costs associated with building your own home that you should never forget. To build or to buy is totally your decision but here is some information that can help you make up your mind if you are still unsure.

Do I Need Car Rental Insurance?

When renting a car you’re automatically offered to acquire car insurance. Although your first instinct might be to say “no”, it’s important to make sure you have some kind of car rental insurance coverage first. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation when you need to pay a fortune for some kind of repairs. If you already have a car its insurance can work for a rental car too or your credit card can cover the rental car insurance. If it’s not your case consider saying “yes” to rental car insurance from your rental car company.

Why should I keep personal financial records?

Why do I need to keep personal accounting records?

Keeping documents and financial records is one of the inevitable chores that come with being an adult. You probably already have a place where you store your passport and Social Security card. But did you know that there are numerous other documents and records that you need to store for various periods of time?

How to balance a checkbook?

Let’s be frank - you probably know that you’re supposed to balance your checkbook but you most likely never do it. There are millions of Americans who don’t balance their checkbooks and don’t even know how often or why they are supposed to do it. We’re here to help you understand why you need to balance your checkbook, how often you’re supposed to do it and, finally, how to balance a checkbook.

How much should I save for retirement?

How much to save for retirement?

Retirement savings are a difficult topic for most Americans. The majority of people in the US give themselves a C or lower for their retirement savings plan. If you don’t want to end up in this majority or want to improve your retirement savings situation, you can start by reading this article and making a retirement savings plan. Some people say that you should save 10% of your income for retirement, however, this rule is not universal. It’s a much better idea to consider your age, expected spending in retirement, expected retirement age and your existing retirement savings to figure out how much you should be saving for retirement.

Am I ready to buy a house?

Buying a house is one of the most important financial decisions a person makes in their life. You may be eager to stop paying rent and start building equity on your new home, but how can you know that you’re ready to buy a house both financially and in terms of your life situation? Here are a few things you should consider to find out if you’re ready to buy a house.

How much house can I afford?

Deciding to buy a house is one of the most important financial decisions a person can make in their life. If you are tired of renting and feel like you’re in a good place financially to buy a house, you need to face the next step - determining how much money you can spend on a house given your current income and debt situation. Luckily, there are a few simple rules you can follow to find out how much house you can afford, what your monthly mortgage payment should be and all the other details!

How much car loan can I afford?

Deciding how much money you can and should spend on a car is no easy task. There are so many rules it can make your head spin. One rule states that all your car-related expenses including insurance should cost no more than 20 percent of your monthly income before tax. Another thought is that a new car should cost no more than half of your annual take-home pay. A more conservative rule is that you should spend no more than 10 to 15 percent of your annual pay on a car.

How much rent can I afford?

When it comes to renting, there’s no set price point. No matter where you live, there are probably thousands of rental listings available all at their own price point and with different amenities. Some people want to find the best place possible given their income, others want to save as much money as you can and find a cheap place with no extra amenities. But how can you know how much rent you can afford to pay each month?

Can I afford a baby?

How much does it cost to raise a baby?

Having a child is one of the most important events in a person’s life and most times it's a beautiful and joyous occasion. Some people plan extensively before they have a child, others simply go for it and figure out the details later. Which is the better way to do it? To each their own, but thinking through at least the financial implications of having a baby can help reduce your stress when the baby comes along and make you feel more prepared. So how much does it cost to raise a child? According to the recent data, raising a child from birth until he or she is 17 years old on average costs 233,000 dollars. Luckily, the expenses are spread out over a 17-year period, but you should still be prepared for the steep cost of having a baby.

How much to save for college?

The cost of going to college is at an all-time high and it’s only continuing to rise. In the next decade, the price of college is expected to double once again. Given this situation, many parents are trying to start saving for their child’s college education early to help minimize the loan burden on their child in the future. But how to calculate how much to save for college, when to start and what is the best way to save for college? Find the answers in this article.

How to negotiate lower rent?

Can you negotiate lower rent?

Most people don’t think that negotiating lower rent is possible. But the truth is that it’s not only totally normal to negotiate rent, it’s also something you absolutely need to go every time you’re about to sign a new lease agreement or extend your existing lease. Sure, you may not always get the desired outcome in your negotiations or it could be tough to negotiate rent if you want to rent from a company and not from an individual, but you should always ask because no landlord in the world will offer you lower rent on his own. So how do you negotiate lower rent?

How to get a loan as a single mother?

Life is hard enough for single parents, but when you need to take out a personal loan or a mortgage, things become even more complicated. Single parents are at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to getting a loan, as they usually have lower income and fewer assets compared to a couple. If you have a bad credit score and credit history, it can make things even worse.

How to get a loan in retirement?

Why do retirees need bank loans?

There are lots of reasons people who are retired might need or want to take out a loan with a bank. Some retirees own their house and have a car but they don’t have much cash, so when an emergency situation comes around, they find themselves strapped for cash. Other retirees are looking to buy a smaller home and refinance their mortgage, get a second house or take out a loan to minimize their taxes.

How do I get a loan when unemployed?

Becoming unemployed can take a significant toll on your mental state and financial situation. Personal loans are one of the ways you can deal with financial issues. But can you actually get a personal loan if you’re unemployed? The answer is usually yes, you can, but the requirements for you might be a little tougher than for people who have a job.

How to save money and minimize your spending?

Stop shopping for stuff you don’t need

Most people love online shopping or looking for a good bargain at the mall. And while finding a cute outfit or household item for a steal of a price can feel very rewarding, it is not the best way to handle your finances, unless you actually need the item and went looking for it specifically, of course. Aimlessly wandering through the mall or browsing countless online stores can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars a month in unnecessary purchases.

5 useful money management tips you can start using today

No matter how old you are and how much money or debt you have, you can probably do better when it comes to your finances. Indeed, it is difficult to find a person who doesn’t need any advice or improvement in their financial situation. Money is a sensitive topic and often times people feel like their financial situation is too far gone or they simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to improving their finances. Well, don’t worry, here are 5 easy steps you can take to improve the state of your finances today:

How to get a personal loan after bankruptcy?

Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy for various reasons. This financial move is a way of getting out of debt when there are no other choices left, but it causes your credit score to plummet. With a credit score lowered critically by bankruptcy, it can be extremely difficult to get a loan in the future, but there are several things you can do to be able to get a personal loan after bankruptcy.

When is renting a house better than buying?

Moving out of your parents’ house? Want to start a new life in a new place? Need to get your own place? At some point in life, we all face this situation. The question that pops right up is whether you should buy a house or just rent it. Some people tend to believe that renting is much better as overall it’s cheaper, easier and means you are able to move whenever you want. On the other hand, there are firm believers in having your own house ensuring you live in a good neighborhood with good school districts. Having your own house just feels more stable. But overall it just all comes to a question of financing. Considering your financial situation what is the right answer: renting or buying? Here are some situations where renting property would likely make a better deal more than owning.

How to organize your finances to get to early retirement?

Although the most common age in most countries to retire is 62 years old, using a smart investing and saving strategies you can retire years earlier. Who wouldn’t want to get off work sooner? Have more free time to spend with your kids and family, get new exciting hobbies, travel the world and get all the things that you would not otherwise have time for done. You and only you will be responsible for your schedule and deciding what things you need to get done. For sure, retirement comes with great benefits but equal responsibilities as you and only you will be in charge of sponsoring all of your wants and needs. All these fun activities and leisure time don’t come at an easy price. First, you need to get all the things done, put in some hard work and make your saving plan goals. So are you considering early retirement? Here are some steps you can take to make it possible.

Pros and cons of leasing a car

Buying a new car is always exciting, you’ve probably been dreaming of this moment for months if not years. However, most people who are planning to buy a car quickly face an important decision: is it better to buy a car outright, to lease it or to finance it? If you have the money to buy the car outright, then by all means, go for it. But most people don’t have this luxury, so they need to find other means of paying for a car. Traditionally, most people chose to finance their new vehicle as opposed to leasing it, but not the choice may not be so clear.

Choosing the best credit card: tips

Credit cards a great financial tool that most adult Americans use every day. They can be very attractive when you first apply and start using them, but if you don’t do your homework and choose a credit card carefully, you can end up in a complicated situation later. So how should you go about choosing the best credit card?

Pros and cons of secured credit cards

Today, one of the issues that many young Americans face is their lack of credit and the task of building good credit. To do this, you need to be patient, careful with your spending, diligent about paying your debts and ingenious. One of the most common tips given to people who are trying to build credit is to open a secured credit card.

Mardi Gras sex party

Mardi Gras is a legendary event and a dream event for virtually every male college student. But before you get excited about all the alcohol, sex and boobs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to have a fantastic Mardi Gras experience.

How to have sex on Skype?

It’s no secret that long-distance relationships are very difficult. Whether you and your partner have to spend just a few weeks apart or you’re in a permanent long-distance relationship where you don’t see each other in person for months and even years on end, having sex via Skype, Facetime or other video chat software can enable you and your partner to have a fulfilling sex life without being in the same town or even country. Skype sex can be awkward the first few times you try it, so we’ve prepared a few tips to help you.

How to be a good dom to a sub?

Who is a dom in sex?

A dom or a dominant is a person who practices a BDSM lifestyle or engages in BDSM practices in sex. Unlike what a lot of people tend to believe, dominants are not violent or sadistic people, unless they specifically engage in a consensual sadism/masochism relationship. Dominants are people who take control of the other partner in a dominant/submissive relationship.

Is male anal orgasm possible?

It’s no secret that male anal penetration and prostate stimulation is a hotly debated and divisive topic. It’s hard to find people who are indifferent about the matter - most people are either 100% for anal stimulation or are violently opposed to it. In this article, we will discuss anal orgasms, whether they are real and how you can maximize your chance of cumming from anal stimulation.

How to have sex on the beach?

Whether you’re planning an exotic vacation overseas or simply going down to a secluded beach just outside of your home town, beach sex is something that can make the trip a hundred times better. But having sex on the beach is not as simple as it may seem and there are a lot of things to keep in mind, in fact, some preparation is absolutely necessary. But don’t worry, in this article, we’ve collected lots of simple tips and tricks to make beach sex nothing but a pleasurable experience.

Top male sex fantasies uncovered in the KissKiss blog

If there’s one thing that unites almost all humans regardless of their sex, gender, race, nationality, etc. it’s the ability to fantasize about sex. Almost all of us have our own sex fantasies that are usually kept private - it’s the things you think about while masturbating or even having sex with your partner.

Wheelbarrow sex position

What is the wheelbarrow position in sex?

The wheelbarrow is one of the more exotic sex positions in which the man stands upright on the floor, while the woman is in front of him facing the floor with her hands on the floor and her legs either wrapped around the man’s waist or bent at the knee - in the second scenario the male has to hold the woman’s bent legs by the ankles. This position is certainly not easy to perform but it’s perfect if you’re both fit enough to do it and if you want to mix things up in the bedroom.

What does cum taste like?

Humans are curious creatures and nothing excites our curiosity as much as sex. One of the questions both men and women ask most often is “What does cum taste like”? If you’ve never had the chance to taste cum before, are afraid to try or simply don’t have a male partner who could help satisfy your curiosity, we’re here to help.

Men and women masturbating patterns reviewed

Everyone, or virtually everyone, masturbates - this is a fact. But in our society male masturbation is perceived as something normal and pretty much expected of a man, while female masturbation remains largely a taboo subject - sure a lot of women masturbate but there’s also a large number of women who are embarrassed to even try masturbating.

S and M relationships explained

Some people believe that love can only be expressed romantically but others see it as a chemical reaction that can take on many forms and have lots of different expressions. One of the ways some people choose to express love and fulfill their sexual needs are S&M relationships.

BDSM predicament bondage

What is predicament bondage?

Predicament bondage is a specific type of BDSM play where the person experiencing the predicament has to make some type of choice. For instance, the Dom might tie up a sub or tell him or her to be still and tease the sub at the same time, provoking them to move.

Types of submissives

Unlike what mainstream media might be portraying, the world of BDSM is extremely varied. The same goes for Dominance and submission relationships, as these come in lots of different shapes and flavors. If you think that you might be a submissive but aren’t sure about the details, check out this guide to find out what kind of a submissive you might be.

Hot wax play

Candle play with hot wax can be incredibly hot and exciting - there’s no doubt about it. But at the same time, candle play involves high temperatures and even fire, which means that safety considerations should always be on your mind. In this guide, we will teach you how to enjoy hot wax play safely.

Water masturbation

There are dozens of different ways to masturbate and tools you can use for masturbation. Did you know that water is one of the favorite ‘sex toys’ of many women? Whether you regularly enjoy water masturbation and are looking for new masturbation techniques that incorporate water or you’ve never tried masturbating with water, this article will definitely give you a few new masturbation tricks.

Rope for bondage

Rope is one of those tools that no BDSM enthusiast can live without. Rope is featured widely in kinky photos, porn, BDSM art and even kinky stories. If you want to add rope to your BDSM toolbox but aren’t sure what type of rope to choose for BDSM, this guide is for you.

BDSM community

If you’ve been getting into BDSM lately and became interested in joining a BDSM community, you might not know where to begin. Do you go online, search for a local BDSM club or come up with a different way to find like-minded BDSM enthusiasts? Luckily, we’ve prepared this article to tell you all about BDSM communities and how you can join one.

BDSM ageplay

If you’re reading this article, you most likely have never heard of ageplay before or maybe just stumbled upon it recently and want to find out what it’s really like. Lucky for you, we’ve prepared this article to help you learn what ageplay is and decide whether it’s something you might want to try.

Adult nursing relationship

If you’re like most people, you might have never even heard about ANR before or perhaps you’re reading this article because you heard the term ANR and now are wondering what it is. No matter what your questions are, we’re here to answer them.

Anal sex toys

Why have anal sex?

Anal sex is something a lot of people feel very strongly about - they either love it or hate it. At the same time, there’s a huge number of people who have never tried anal sex, anal masturbation or any type of anal play. If you’re an anal play virgin but are interested in trying it out, this article is perfect for you. Here, you will discover the most common types of anal toys and tips on who should use them and how.

Anal for men

Most straight men think of anal play as something that’s only suitable for women or gay men. Anal play can seem like an intimidating idea for a straight guy but it doesn’t mean it’s any less exciting. If you’re a straight guy who would like to try out anal masturbation or anal play with your partner, here are answers to all the questions you might have and more:

Types of submissive and dominants in BDSM

Many people who don’t have any experience with BDSM relationships think that it’s all masters, slaves, whips and leather but there’s so much more to BDSM. In this article, we’ll review different types of submissives and dominants to get you familiar with the world of BDSM relationships:

What is the difference between making love and having sex?

As highly intelligent creatures, humans tend to analyze virtually everything that happens to us and sex is no different. But there’s no argument that even though the general principle of the process is essentially the same, the actions of having sex, making love and even fucking are completely different. Each person’s definition of these three terms may be a little different but here’s what experts suggest they mean:

Senior sex

The fact that young people have sex frequently and enjoy it goes without saying. But when it comes to older people, society chooses to forego the idea of seniors having sex and being intimate with each other. But even though it seems like sex is not that important for older people, people over 50, 60, 70 and even 80 still can and should have satisfying sex lives. In this article from KissKiss, we will talk about good senior sex.

3 hot ways to put on a condom on your boyfriend

Men and women often think of condoms as something annoying, inconvenient and downright mood ruining. But condoms are an amazing tool that helps keep you safe in most sexual situations, so why not try to turn the process of putting on a condom into a fun and sensual experience for both of you? Here are the hottest ways to put on a condom on your man:

BDSM self-bondage

There are millions of people all over the world who love BDSM. BDSM is something that you can enjoy no matter what your age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality or appearance are. But there’s one caveat - when most people think about BDSM, they picture it as an activity that needs at least two participants. This is a misconception, as you can actually practice your BDSM fetish even if you don’t have a partner. Enter - self-bondage.

Weird ways to masturbate that you can totally try tonight

How do you masturbate? If you’re like most people, you probably use the same things and motions to get off as when you first discovered all the amazing things your body and do and experience as a teenager. But did you know that there are also other ways to masturbate? Some of them are truly bizarre, while others are weird but actually sound like a lot of fun. In this article, we will tell you about 5 unusual ways to masturbate and who knows, maybe you’ll even decide to try one or more of them tonight?

How to have sex with a big penis guy?

Pop culture has instilled in us the idea that a large penis is something every man wants to have and every woman wants her man to have. The huge penis idea is everywhere - in sitcoms, porn, friendly conversations on girls’ nights, etc. But as much as we’re told that a big penis is all a woman wants, there are actually lots of women who wish their partner’s penis was smaller. A penis that’s too large can cause even more discomfort to a woman than a penis that’s too small - a huge penis can make sex uncomfortable and even painful. If your partner’s penis is too large for you and you don’t know how to deal with it, don’t despair, here are some tips for how to take a large penis:

Road head

Think of all the places where you would like to give or receive a blow job. Is a moving vehicle on the list? If it is, you absolutely need to read this article from KissKiss. Surely, getting a blowjob while driving a car can be a little dangerous but if you’re set on doing it anyway, here’s the best way to do it:

Top sex festivals in the USA and around the world

Is sex more than just a way to get pleasure and blow off steam for you? If you love sex like we do and want to meet a community of people who like to celebrate sex and explore their wild sides, then you absolutely need to attend one of the amazing sex festivals held around the world or in the US.

How to be a good submissive in BDSM?

What makes a good submissive?

If you have a submissive streak and like to engage in powerplay with your partner or maybe even have a full-blown dominant/submissive relationship with his or her, sooner or later you will start wondering about what makes a good submissive in the bedroom and how to be a good submissive. There are lots of articles and forums on the internet that talk about different submissive characteristics that are considered to be good or bad. But the truth is, every person and every dominant/submissive relationship is different. What your dom might consider being bad sub behavior another dominant might consider being very good behavior.


What is somnophillia?

Somnophilia is a kink where a person wants to have sex with their partner while he or she is sleeping or when someone wants their partner to have sex with them while they’re asleep.

5 best sex apps for couples

Smartphones have made their way into virtually every part of our lives, making our lives easier and us more effective, which is why it’s no surprise that there are tons of smartphone apps that you can use to improve your sex life. Just like with any other category, there are some amazing apps but there are also lots of terrible, buggy and simply useless apps. Here’s an overview of the best couple’s sex apps on the market today:

How to have sex in the shower?

Whenever you want to try to spice up your sex life by taking things out of the bedroom and into a new location, the shower is one of the first places that come to mind. In fact, having sex in the shower seems simple and almost natural to most of us but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before hopping in and turning on the water.

Ruined orgasm

What is a ruined orgasm?

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re masturbating or having sex with your partner and feeling the climax approaching and then just as you begin to orgasm, something happens that interrupts your sensations and your orgasm is gone just like that? If so, you’ve experienced a ruined orgasm.

Softcore public exhibitionism

Let’s be honest, most of us have thought of having sex or doing something sexual somewhere where we might get caught at least once. While there are many considerations to think about before engaging in public sex or public play, if you’re dead-set on trying exhibitionism, here are a few ideas to spice up your night:

Aftercare in BDSM

People who don’t have a lot of experience with the world of BDSM often think that it’s all ropes, whips, sex and powerplay. But in fact, before you start engaging in any type of kink or BDSM activities, you need to learn about the importance of aftercare in a BDSM relationship.

Is it legal to have sex in public?

Having sex in public is a universal taboo and at the same time, one of the most common sexual fantasies people have. If you’re thinking about making your fantasy come to life, you first need to find out if you can get in trouble with the law for it, which is why we at KissKiss have prepared this article for you.

Top 5 sex positions for seniors and people with mobility issues

When people get older or experience mobility issues, back and joint pain, the quality of their sex lives deteriorates significantly. It’s natural - sex requires certain physical agility and if people can’t get into the right position for having sex without experiencing pain, they start having sex less and less. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way, as there are plenty of sex positions that are suitable for seniors and people with decreased mobility.

4 things you didn’t know about TENS units in sex

TENS units are amazing medical devices and electrosex toys that can give you tons of sexual stimulation and pleasure. But do you know how to maximize the effect of a TENS unit? Or are you wondering if TENS units can be used to achieve a hands-free orgasm or if you can use them on a penis or a vulva? Wonder no more, in this article, we will talk about 4 things you didn’t know about using TENS units for masturbation and sex.

Shaving might help you take more advantage of TENS unit sexual stimulation

Think about where you usually use your TENS unit (or the places you’d like to use it on when you try it). If it’s your genitals, the area around them or many other parts of your body, there’s probably at least some hair on that part of your skin. If that hair is thin and light, shaving it might not make a huge difference, but if the hair is thick and bushy, it might be blocking a lot of the electrical current. Shaving or at least trimming the hair on the areas where you’d like to use your TENS unit can help improve your sensations significantly.

You can use a TENS unit on and around the vulva

Even if you have a regular medical TENS unit device at home, it can be safely used for external vaginal stimulation by placing the electrode pads on both sides of your clit, on either side of the vaginal opening or virtually anywhere else on the surface of the vulva. Keep in mind that you can’t place regular electrode pads inside the vagina and always start on the lowest intensity setting when testing out the device in a new area.

You can use a TENS unit on the penis and testicles

As exotic as it may sound, TENS units can be used on and around a man’s penis for incredible sensations. You can experiment with electrode placement to find out what feels the best for you, but some of the best electrode placement options include electrodes on the testicles, along the shaft of the penis, on the frenulum or even on the perineum for prostate stimulation without anal penetration.

You can achieve a hands-free orgasm with a TENS unit

A hands-free orgasm is something a lot of people dream about but few people can achieve. But with a TENS unit, a hands-free orgasm becomes totally possible! Unlike many other sex toys that promise to give you a hands-free orgasm, a TENS device can actually deliver a real hands-free orgasm most of the time. This type of orgasm is easier to achieve for women rather than men because men are more used to stroking motions as opposed to the sensations from a TENS unit, but most men can learn to orgasm from the TENS unit stimulation.

Frequently asked questions about TENS units for sexual stimulation

What are TENS units?

TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. When a TENS unit device is attached to your body, it delivers a small amount of electrical current to your skin and muscle, which results in pain relief and sexual stimulation.

Are TENS units safe to use?

There are some health conditions that prohibit the use of TENS unit devices but if you don’t suffer from those conditions and follow all the safety precautions, TENS units are completely safe to use. In fact, they are widely used in the medical field for pain relief.

Can you use TENS units anywhere on the body?

The answer to this question is a hard ‘no’. You should never use your TENS device on your head, neck or around your heart. Some people even suggest not using it above the waist to maximize safety. In any scenario, you should always carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before using your device and follow those instructions

Sensual spanking

Do you want to spice up your sex life? Add a little kink to your sensual lovemaking? Or maybe you want you and your partner to experience a new type of sensation in bed? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then it might be time for you to learn about erotic spanking in sex.

Pantyhose fetish

What is the pantyhose fetish?

The pantyhose fetish is a type of fetish where a person becomes sexually aroused when they wear pantyhose or see another person wearing pantyhose. A person with a pantyhose fetish also may enjoy watching others put on or take off pantyhose.

Transformation fetish

There are lots of other fetishes out there and even if you wanted to learn about all of them, you probably wouldn’t be able to because of the sheer number of kinks and fetishes people have when it comes to sex. One of the very surprising and yet quite common kinks is the transformation fetish in sex. In this article from KissKiss, we’ll bring you up to speed on the TF fetish.

TENS unit masturbation and sex

Are you interested in trying electricity play in bed but worried that it will hurt? Worry no more - in this article, we will talk all about using electricity and TENS units specifically for pleasure and getting amazing, pain-free orgasms with the help of TENS units devices.

What are TENS units?

TENS is an abbreviation used for the term Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. In the past, TENS units devices were used only for medical purposes to relieve nerve and muscle pain. But today, there are also lots of sex devices that utilize TENS units to provide genital stimulation that feels incredible.

What does using TENS units devices for sex and masturbation feel like?

If you’ve never experienced TENS units stimulation before, it can be hard to imagine the sensation but a lot of people describe the feelings as buzzing, suckling and even throbbing sensations that are similar to those that a vibrator provides but they penetrate much deeper into your tissues. If you use a TENS unit device on low settings, you will only feel pleasure, but turning it up can also add some pain to the mix, which is something a lot of BDSM lovers enjoy.

Are TENS units devices safe for use in masturbation and sex?

In most situations and for most people TENS unit stimulation is completely safe. However, you absolutely can’t use a TENS unit device if you are pregnant, have heart abnormalities, a pacemaker or an electronic medical implant. You also can’t place the electrodes on your head or over your heart.

How to use a TENS unit for masturbation?

One of the best things about TENS unit devices is that you can use them to achieve a hands-free orgasm! The key here is to find the best placement for the electrodes - try placing them further or closer apart until you find the perfect sensations. When used on genitals, people typically place TENS unit pads on both sides of the clit or the vaginal opening, on the underside of the penis or on the scrotum. You can also purchase additional attachments for insertion into your vagina or anus but keep in mind that these can’t be used with a condom, as it doesn’t let the electrical current pass through it.

Frequently asked questions about TENS units

Is using electricity in bed painful?

Electricity is often used in BDSM scenes but it doesn’t mean that electric stimulation in sex always has to be painful. If you do it right, using TENS unit devices in bed can bring only pleasure and be completely pain-free.

What types of electrosex devices are there?

There are two widely used types of electrified sex devices - TENS units devices and wands.

Can you use medical TENS units devices for sex?

While it’s best to buy specialized TENS units devices for sex and masturbation because they often have special attachments for different body parts and erogenous zones, you can also use regular medical TENS units devices for sex and masturbation

First time pegging

To many people, the mere idea of giving someone a pegging seems terrifying. After all, you need to strap on a foreign object to your waist and penetrate your partner with it, plus, it’s very likely that neither you nor he have actually tried pegging before. This is why we’ve prepared this pegging guide for beginners that will walk you through your first pegging step-by-step.

Pussy worship fetish - what is it?

What’s pussy worship?

Many people go their entire lives without engaging in pussy worshipping, having their pussy worshipped or even knowing what pussy worshipping is and those people are missing out big time! Pussy worshipping is a practice of showing love and respect for the pussy - one of the most sacred parts of a woman’s body that acts as a gateway to the woman’s reproductive organs that create human life. Pussy worship can come in many forms - anything from pussy-themed art to oral sex, vaginal massage and intercourse can be considered as part of pussy worshipping. Pussy worship can be performed by the woman’s partner or by the woman herself.

How to take a sexy selfie for your man?

There are few things men love as much as receiving sexy selfies. If you want to spice things up in your relationship by sending your man a sexy or even nude pic of yourself - go for it! But if you’ve never taken a sexy picture before, it can seem quite intimidating, which is why we’ve prepared this guide with easy tips on how to take a great naughty selfie. 

Female pillow humping - a new way to orgasm?

Today, there’s no shortage of sex toys for women - dildos, vibrators, plugs and pumps - every woman can find something for her. But did you know that there’s one sex toy that you already have in your home but most likely have never thought about using? We’re talking about your pillow!

Mutual masturbation for couples - is it worth it?

Many people really enjoy mutual masturbation in their teenage years before couples are ready to have sex but then quickly forget about it once sex is on the table. If you and your partner never try mutual masturbation in bed anymore, you might be missing out big time!

The ultimate reverse cowgirl how to

It’s difficult to find a person who hasn't tried the cowgirl sex position but what about the reverse cowgirl? For some reason, this position is a lot less popular even though it can provide mind-blowing pleasure to both partners when it’s done right. In this article, we will teach you how to get the most pleasure out of reverse cowgirl. 

How to have sex in the woods?

Sex in the woods is something people have been doing for millions of years but today it’s not very common - after all, we have cozy and clean homes where you’re not in danger of being seen. And yet sex in the woods is something a lot of people want to try at least once to spice things up and get in touch with our primal side. Here’s all you need to know about having sex in the woods:

The ultimate guide to the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator

What is the Hitachi Magic Wand?

If you’ve never heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand, you’re missing out big time! The Original Magic Wand was one of the pioneers in the industry of vibrators and it still remains one of the most popular sex toys of all time and the best vibrator wand ever made. The toy was first sold as a body massager to help relax sore muscles but it quickly found its new purpose in the hands of inventive women, who started using it to achieve mind-blowing clitoral orgasms.

All your questions about wearing a cock cage answered

What’s a cock cage?

If you-re new to BDSM play, you may have never even heard about cock cages. A cock cage is a chastity toy designed specifically for males. A penis cage or a chastity cage can be made from plastic, metal and silicone and it’s designed in a way that when it’s put on a penis, it prevents it from becoming erect or being stimulated. Cock cages are most commonly used as part of the powerplay, where the dominant partner has the key from the cock cage, thus asserting control over the submissive male.

Bad dragon dildos - everything you should know

Discover bad dragon dildos and transform your sex life forever. Best bad dragon dildos reviewed in this article.

Prince Alber piercing

What’s a Prince Albert piercing?

Most people have either never heard of a Prince Albert piercing or don’t know what it is. A Prince Albert piercing is a popular type of male genital piercing. In this piercing, the jewelry goes through the frenulum, which is located underneath the head of the penis and enters the urethral opening.

I got caught masturbating

Getting caught masturbating is terrifying - there’s no way around it (unless it’s something that turns you on and you were looking to get caught). But it shouldn’t be that bad - almost everyone masturbates and almost everyone has been caught doing it at least once, so the good news is that you’re not alone. But if you’re looking for practical tips on what to do when you’re caught masturbating, keep reading.

7 best adult sex forums

It’s no secret that we’re all very different when it comes to sex - some people have more mainstream sexual preferences and it’s relatively easy for them to find information and even specific types of porn they prefer online.

Penis pumping guide

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump or a cock pump is a very simple device that you can but in a sex shop in person or online. It is made up of a plastic cylinder that is placed over a penis and a pump that’s used to create a vacuum inside the cylinder. The vacuum then draws blood into the penis, giving the man an erection.

Cock ring guide

What is a cock ring?

A cock ring is essentially a sex toy that’s shaped like a ring that can be worn around the base of the penis. This ring prevents blood from leaving the penis, which helps you maintain an erection longer and go longer without cumming. A cock ring can also help your penis appear larger and give you new and exciting sensations when having sex.

A complete guide to anal douching

What is an anal douche?

A rectal douche or an anal douche is simple tool that’s used to rinse your rectum with water before any sexual activity that involves the rectum.

What do back dimples mean sexually?

What does it mean when you have back dimples?

Lower back dimples are often called the dimples of Venus or squirter dimples. Many people believe that if a woman has squirter dimples, it means that she’s very sexual and can orgasm and even squirt easily.

Queefing - all you need to know to do it or prevent it

What is queefing?

Virtually every woman has experienced queefing but few people actually know what the name of the phenomenon is and why it happens. Queefing happens when air becomes trapped in the back of the vagina and then gets released during or after sex.

What is the best lube for women?

Lube is important - there’s no way around it. If you want to experience pleasure in bed or give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm, the first thing you should do is get a bottle of high-quality lube for your bedside table. But with so many options to choose from, how can you choose the best lube for you? Simply start by reading this article!

Top sexual massage techniques to pleasure your partner

Virtually all women love massage - it’s relaxing, pleasurable and helps you take your mind off things. But did you know that there’s a type of massage that you can perform on your woman and give her a better massage experience than any SPA salon could? We’re talking about an erotic massage!

69 position tips and tricks

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard about the 69 sex position - virtually everyone has seen it in a porno and most of us have tried it. If you didn’t love it the first time you tried 69 or if you want to improve on your 69 technique, keep reading this article for helpful 69 tips and tricks.

The ultimate guide to pussy pumps

What’s a pussy pump?

A pussy pump or a vaginal pump is a simple device that consists of a suction cup and a pump that’s connected to it. The suction cup is meant to be placed over a woman’s vulva.

4 best sex positions from behind

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried having sex from behind at least once in your life. A lot of people simply stick to the doggy style position, but there are actually lots of other fun sex positions that you can use to have sex from behind.

A simple guide to dry humping

Dry humping is something a lot of us have done when we were teenagers - it was hot and steamy but also awkward and sometimes weird. And of course, it never felt as good as any type of sex you’ve had since those first teenage exploits, which is why almost all people have stopped dry humping after they’ve started having penetrative sex.

Cum on face

What’s a cum facial?

A cum facial, or simply a facial, is an act where a man cums on his partner’s face. A facial is an incredibly fun way to finish a blow job, a hand job or even sex - most guys absolutely love getting their load on their woman’s face.

Why do women’s nipples get hard?

The human body is infinitely mysterious and impressive at the same time - you may already know why you sweat or why a woman gets wet when she’s turned on, but why do nipples get hard? Read on to uncover the explanation to yet another mystery of our anatomy.

Fun sex games for couples to play

The thought of playing sex games with your partner can sound silly at first, especially if you’ve been together for a long time, but it’s actually a great way to spice up your sex lives, bring back the passion and generally improve your relationship and your satisfaction with sex. Here are a few fun sex games for you to try in bed - the best part is that most of these games are absolutely free and don’t require you to buy anything, so even in you don’t like them, the only thing you will have spent is a little bit of time.

How to give an amazing vaginal massage?

What is a vaginal massage?

You probably already know how to rub your woman’s clit and how to finger her but did you know that you can also give her a relaxing, sensual and incredibly pleasurable vaginal massage?

How to orgasm from nipple sucking?

Can I give a woman an orgasm by sucking on her nipples?

A lot of men don’t pay a lot of attention to a woman’s nipples during sex - they touch and suck on them a little during foreplay and then move on to the clit and vagina and forget about the breasts altogether.

Everything you need to know before getting a clit piercing

Getting your clitoris pierced should not be a snap decision - after all, it’s a procedure that can significantly impact your body and your sex life. Here are the things you need to know before getting a clitoral piercing.

The ultimate Aneros guide

What’s Aneros?

Aneros is the most popular and reputable brand of prostate massagers on the market. If you’re looking for high quality, top of the line prostate massager, Aneros will never disappoint. It is the oldest makes of prostate massagers on the market, in fact, they made prostate massagers for medical purposes only for the first few decades of their existence, switching to prostate massager sex toys at the beginning of the 2000s. Their experience and extensive research allow Aneros to make the best prostate massagers on the market.

Prone Bone - the best sex position ever?

Have you ever thought about what the best sex position of all is? Some might suggest that it’s missionary, others love cowgirl, while many people would suggest that doggy style takes the cake. But not many people know that there’s another amazing contender for this position and it’s the Prone Bone sex position.

Morning blowjobs - learn why you should give one tomorrow

Did you know that waking up to a blowjob is one of the most common fantasies men have? This fantasy is right up there with having a threesome but it is much easier to fulfill and requires much less planning and effort on your part.

How to give a kneeling blowjob?

How do you give your man a blowjob? If you’re like most couples, it’s probably with him laying down on a bed and you sitting between his legs or next to him. One of the problems couples face most often is boredom in bed - sure, sex and blowjobs can be very exciting and pleasurable at the beginning of a relationship but after a few months you fall into a routine, pick a handful of positions and stimulation patterns that work for you both and stop experimenting. If you’ve found yourself in a rut lately, you may be surprised to know that there are actually dozens of fun blowjob positions that you can try out to spice up your sex lives. Here are the best kneeling blowjob positions that you can try tonight:

How to last longer in bed?

Because of porn and over-exaggerated stories that men often use to brag about their sexual exploits, the stereotype that sex should last a very long time has been strongly cemented in society. While you see male porn stars lasting hours on screen, in real life, the average length of sex is just over 5 minutes, which is a surprise to the majority of people. This means that the amount of time most men last in bed is absolutely normal. That being said, you should always keep in mind your partner - if you can last only two minutes and she’s satisfied by it, there’s nothing to worry about.

Top strapon sexual positions for lesbians and heterosexual couples

Strapons make up an incredibly popular and fun

Everything you need to know about the lotus sex position

Is cowgirl one of your favorite sex positions but you’re looking for ways to change things up? If so, the Lotus sex position can quickly become your new all-time favorite, as it takes everything that makes the cowgirl position so great and takes it to another level.

How to dominate men in bed?

Some people are born dominant, others are more submissive in nature but for some reason may need to learn how to become dominant at times. No matter which category you belong to, this article will teach you how you can become more dominant and what techniques you can use to dominate men.

What does sex feel like for a woman?

What does sex feel like for women? Every man has probably thought about that at least once in his life but, unfortunately, since men and women are so different in terms of anatomy and roles in sex, we will never be able to know for sure what sex feels like for the other gender. In fact, sex feels a little or a lot different for every person, so it can be hard to make any generalized statements. That being said, in this article, we will do our best to describe to you what sex is like for women.

A simple guide to easy prostate milking

What’s prostate milking?

Prostate milking refers to any type of internal prostate stimulation to orgasm. The prostate is a gland that is unique to males, it is located 2-3 inches inside the rectum on its front wall. This part of a man’s body is incredibly sensitive and its stimulation can lead to an amazing orgasm that would be hard to achieve without it.

Woman on top sex position explained

While there are lots of sex positions where the woman is on top, in this article we will discuss one specific woman on top position that is very similar to the Coital Alignment Technique, except the positions of the two partners are switched.

Having sex with your best friend: pros and cons

If you’re reading this article, you probably want to have sex with your best friend - you’re not alone! Lots of people think about having sex with their best friend at some point in their lives.  You might be thinking about doing because you’re horny and don’t have anyone else to have sex with, because you have feelings for your bestie and are hoping that sex will lead to them developing feelings for you in return or you might just be craving intimacy and connection to another human. No matter what your reasons for wanting to sleep with your best friend are, there are some pros and cons that you should consider:

The ultimate guide to deep penetration sex

Sometimes you and your partner might feel like having slow, romantic sex, while other times what you need is some passionate, animalistic, deep penetration sex. This guide will help you with just that situation!

Top foreplay techniques to get your partner horny

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s very easy to fall into a routine, especially when it comes to foreplay. Couples who have been dating for some time usually only spend a couple of minutes on foreplay or skip it completely but having a longer, more varied foreplay can greatly increase the amount of pleasure you and your partner are getting from sex, spice up your sex life and make your relationship happier in general.

How to give a good rimjob?

Everything you need to know about giving rimjobs or performing anilingus on your man. Rimjob tips and positions that give him an unforgettable analingus.

What do men want in bed?

Every woman wants to keep her man satisfied and happy in bed but it’s an impossible task to accomplish if you don’t actually know what guys want in bed. There’s no one answer to this question, instead, this guide will reveal all the things men really like in bed to help you become his best lover ever.

How to tease your boyfriend and make him want you more?

Teasing your boyfriend or being teased yourself can be incredibly fun - it can build up the desire to very high levels and help you have amazing, animalistic sex with an intense orgasm once the teasing is over. Plus, teasing is a great way to keep things spicy if you’ve been together for a while. Here are some great ideas for teasing your man:

How to give a handjob?

While for most guys a handjob is not as exciting or pleasurable as a blowjob or sex, you still need to know how to give your man a great handjob when you want to tease him, change things up in bed or when you are unable to have sex or give him head but still want to pleasure your man in some way. There are many techniques you can use when giving a handjob but there’s no way of telling which ones your man will prefer best, so the key to learning how to give your boyfriend a great blowjob is to try different things and listen to his feedback.

How to make yourself squirt?

There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to squirt - maybe your boyfriend or husband finds it incredibly sexy and you’d like to surprise him, perhaps you’ve seen women squirt in porn movies and want to try it as well or maybe you just want to give yourself a challenge in sex and learning how to squirt seems like a good option for that. No matter what your reasons for learning how to squirt are, keep reading this guide to find out how to make your pussy squirt.

How to finger a girl to orgasm?

Learning how to properly finger a girl can turn you from an amateur to an incredible lover that she’ll never want to let go. In this guide, we will go over several powerful fingering techniques that will help spice up your foreplay and even bring your woman to an orgasm. Some of these techniques will focus on clitoral stimulation, while others will teach you how to give her a G spot orgasm. Before we begin, you should brush up on your knowledge of female anatomy if you’re not 100% certain about all the aspects of it. If you’re ready, here are the best fingering techniques:

How to make your man cum hard?

If you want to be an amazing lover for your man, one of the things you absolutely need to know is how to make him cum hard and fast. After all, nothing makes you feel more like an accomplished lover than your man’s moans as he experiences an incredible orgasm that you gave him. Here is what you should do to make your man cum hard:

4 amazing tips for nasty, kinky sex

If you and your partner have mastered all the conventional sex positions, oral sex techniques, dirty talk, etc. and you now want to spice up your sex lives by adding some kink, check out our 4 tips for having amazing nasty sex with your partner. Keep in mind that you might not want to try all of them and it’s completely fine - just have a candid discussion with your partner and choose things you two and going to try to add kink to your sex.

Top tips for a hands-free orgasm for women

Just like most women, you probably achieve an orgasm as a result of some kind of physical stimulation. This can include rubbing your clit, fingering yourself to stimulate your G spot or using a toy like a vibrator or a dildo to cum.

How to become a porn star?

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘I want to be a porn star’! If you have, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss how you can become a porn star, what’s required to be a porn star and what downsides there are to the porn star profession.

How to make myself wet?

Let’s be honest, sex is a lot more fun if you’re really wet for and even feeling yourself get dripping wet can make you more turned on. Plus, your man most likely also loves to feel you get really wet, as it shows him how much you want him. Unfortunately, not everyone can get wet really easily but lucky for you, there are some things you can do to get your pussy wet quickly.

How to make your man hard quickly?

Seeing and feeling your man get a rock-hard boner is a major turn-on for many women. For some guys, looking at a woman is all it takes to get an erection, others need a bit more to get a boner. Lucky for you, this guide has 5 fail-proof tips that you can use to get your man hard in mere minutes.

Stand and carry sex position to spice up your sex life

Is the carry sex position hard to perform?

TV, movies and porn all love to show the stand and carry sex position but do people really use it all that much in real life and is it difficult to do? Well, while the carry sex position can be incredibly fun for you and your partner, there’s no getting around it - it’s not easy to do.

Legs on shoulders sex position

What is the Legs Up sex position?

The Legs Up or Legs Over Shoulders sex position is incredibly fun and very easy to perform. To do this position, the woman lies down on the bed flat on her back and puts her legs up in the air at a right angle.

Best blowjob positions for you and him

Even though blowjobs seem like an easy thing to do, there’s a lot you need to know if you want to give your man an incredible blowjob instead of an ordinary one. First of all, you need to know how to turn your partner on and make him practically beg you to take his cock into your mouth.

Top sex positions for plus size women

Although it’s been slowly changing for a few years now, most of the women we see in porn movies and on TV are very slim but it doesn’t mean that big girls aren’t beautiful or that they can’t have amazing sex just like thinner women. At the same time, if you’re on the bigger side, you probably know that some sex positions just doesn’t work as well for plus size women. We’re here’s to take the guesswork out of sex. Here are the top BBW sex positions:

Sitting on a guy’s face

Do guys enjoy facesitting?

If you want to try sitting on your man’s face but are not sure that he’ll like it, rest assured - facesitting is one of the most popular fantasies for men and it’s one of the most-watched porn categories, so chances are that your man will absolutely love it if you ride his face.

How to ride dick like a pro?

For some women, sex comes naturally and they feel comfortable taking initiative, becoming the ‘aggressor’ and experimenting in bed. For others, things aren’t that simple. In fact, a lot of women feel self-conscious and nervous when having sex even if they’ve been with their partner for a long time. A lot of those feelings can surface when your man asks you to ride him.

How to edge?

What is edging?

Edging has become very popular in recent years and it seems like everyone’s doing it or talking about it.

How to have good sex with a small penis?

Is my penis too small?

Before you start worrying about having a small penis, you need to make sure that your dick can actually be considered small. As you might have guessed, most men who act in porn movies have penises that are generally longer and thicker than average.

How to have rough sex?

Is it normal to like rough sex?

Everyone likes different things in the bedroom - some people are into romantic, sensual lovemaking with their partner. Others love to dominate or be dominated in the bedroom.

How to stimulate the clitoris?

Your clit is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and if you learn how to play with your clit the right way, you can achieve incredible orgasms both with a partner when having sex or when you’re masturbating alone.

7 best positions for anal sex that you won’t forget

Anal sex is something many couples enjoy doing but did you know that most people only have anal sex in the doggy style position? Luckily, there are lots of other anal sex positions you can try to spice up your anal sex and archive even better orgasms.

Anal training guide

Anal sex and anal play is something that not all people do - some people think that anal play is gross, others worry about it being painful. Regardless of what worries you when it comes to anal action, if you’re not 100% against having anal sex, it’s a good idea to try it at least once, as anal play and anal sex can not only be not painful, but they can be very pleasurable and you don’t want to miss out on that pleasure.

How to titty fuck a girl?

Titty fucking is something that we see in porn movies very often but most people don’t give or receive tit jobs in real life. This is a huge mistake because adding some titty fucking to your sex life can help spice things up and give you and your partner yet another fun and pleasurable way to enjoy each other’s bodies.

The ultimate guide to the scissor sex position

What is the scissor sex position?

If you have an average level of experience with different sex positions, you may not know what the scissor position in sex is or you may think that it’s only possible to perform this sex position when two women are having sex. You might be surprised to know that while the scissor position looks and sounds very exotic, it’s actually quite easy to perform once you know what you and your partner should be doing on your ends.

How to eat her ass?

Eating ass - should I do it with my partner?

Annulingus is something that relatively few couples do - some don’t see any pleasure in doing it, others consider it dirty, etc. However, when done properly, eating your partner’s ass or asking them to do it for you can help you feel incredibly intimate with each other and bring you closer together. Plus, only couples that truly love and trust each other engage in this activity or even decide to talk about it.

How to use a vibrator?

If you’ve never used a vibrator before, you are missing out on a ton of incredible sensations and explosive orgasms. Luckily, this guide has plenty of techniques to give you an amazing orgasm even if you’ve never actually had an orgasm before.

A simple guide to the lingam massage technique

Do you want to give your man as much pleasure as possible in sex but all of your regular handjob, blowjob and sex techniques seem pretty dull at the moment? If so, trying the lingam massage on him might be a great way to spice things up and take him to the next level of pleasure.

Top femdom ideas, rules and techniques

It’s no secret that the classic power play scenario is for the man to dominate and for the woman to submit. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing it the other way around and there are many women who enjoy dominating and men who love to submit. If you want to play out some femdom fantasies but don’t know where to start, we have lots of ideas in this guide. And if it’s your man’s fantasy to be dominated but you’re just going along with the flow, we have some femdom techniques you might enjoy as well.

How to spice things up in the bedroom?

When it comes to long-lasting monogamous relationships, sex can become boring quite quickly unless you and your partner make an effort to keep things interesting. If you feel like you want or need to try something new in the bedroom, this guide has lots of fun ideas for you to try:

Standing 69 sex position

The standing 69 position has been featured in a ton of porn movies and even in some conventional shows. It surely looks exciting and exotic but is it actually a position that a couple can enjoy having oral sex in? Keep reading to find out!

How to satisfy your man in bed?

Sex is a crucial part of a relationship, so learning how to keep your man satisfied in bed is absolutely crucial if you want your relationship to be happy and long-lasting. Here are 5 things you should keep in mind if you want to pleasure your boyfriend in bed:

BDSM punishment ideas for submissives

Many couples why like to add a little kink to their sex lives enjoy incorporating some BDSM elements in their lives as well. This often includes training, discipline and, of course, punishment. BDSM punishments are a great tool that dominants can use to train their submissives but if you’re running out of ideas for punishments for your submissive, we're here to help.

How to breast bondage like a pro?

Why do I like breast bondage?

Breast bondage is one of those fantasies that many men and women have. You’ve also probably seen it featured in countless sexy photos, porn movies and erotic fiction stories.

The ultimate guide to the butterfly sex position

What is the butterfly sex position?

Having sex in the butterfly sex position is both pleasureable and fun for the man and the woman, plus, this sex position provides plenty of visual stimulation for you and your partner.

How to properly use a dildo?

Have you recently bought your first dildo and now are wondering how to use it? Or are you experienced with these sex toys and are just looking for new ways to masturbate with a dildo? No matter what your background is, this article will offer you plenty of tips on how to use a dildo to get the most pleasure.

How to get my dick hard?

If you have worries or fears about being unable to get an erection, you’re not alone - more than 30 million men in the United States have some form of erectile dysfunction - a condition where men can’t get an erection or can’t keep one long enough for satisfying intercourse.

The best way to have anal sex and enjoy it

Decide whether you actually want to have anal sex and prepare

When it comes to any sort of sex or experiments in the bedroom, the main thing is consent. You shouldn’t feel forced to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Sure, it’s always a good idea to try something at least once before deciding whether you like it or not, but if you’re 100% against having anal sex but your man insists on it, you should not give up your boundaries.

How to find your G spot?

You may have heard about the G spot a lot but do you know where it actually is located? The G spot is often referred to as the magic button that can give a woman lots of pleasure, make her orgasm intensely and even squirt. But how do you find the G spot?

How to swallow cum?

If you’ve never swallowed cum before, you might be worried about trying it. A lot of men find it very sexy when a woman swallows their cum at the end of a blow job or after having sex and many women enjoy doing it too. No matter what your reasons for wanting to swallow his load are, you should know that it is a completely natural and safe act if you’re into it and if your guy is free from STIs. In fact, swallowing cum even has some benefits! If you’re excited to learn how to swallow cum, here are our top tips to get you started:

Why am I so horny all the time?

Why am I always so horny? This is a question many men and women find themselves asking at some points in their lives. Perhaps you’ve been talking to your partner and friends or watching a TV show and it seems like everyone appears to be a lot less horny than you and now you’re wondering if it’s normal that you’re always horny. We’ve got answers!

How to make your penis bigger?

For many centuries men all over the world have felt the pressure to have a large penis, after all, in many cultures having a big penis is associated with masculinity, strength, virility, and greater ability to satisfy a woman.

What can you use as a dildo?

While there are thousands of different sex toys available on the market, many people start out their journeys to self-pleasure with homemade dildos. Whether you need a dildo right now and don’t have the time to buy one or simply want to try using a household object as a dildo before buying one at a sex shop, here’s a simple guide to things you can use as a dildo.

Missionary sex position

The missionary position in sex is one of the most widely used positions but even if you’ve tried it before, there still may be a few things left to learn about it.

Amazon sex position

What is the Amazon sex position?

A lot of people have never heard of or tried the Amazon sex position and if you’re one of them, you might be missing out big time. It’s a bit of an exotic position where the woman is on top.

How to make a woman squirt?

How to make a girl squirt?

Unlike what you may think, the key to making her squirt is not perfect fingering moves or a special technique. Most of the time women can’t squirt because they have too much stress, they are tired, depressed, have anxiety, fears about STDs and pregnancy and other things.

Best blow job techniques to help you suck dick like a pro

Lick your man’s dick to start off a blow job slowly

When you start giving your man a blow job, don’t take his penis into your mouth right away. Instead, start by licking it with your tongue - this will provide him with some new sensations and make him practically beg you to stop teasing him and finally take it in your mouth.

The best ways to masturbate for women

Many women mistakenly think that only men watch port or masturbate. This is, of course, false, a huge number of women masturbate regularly and it’s actually very beneficial for you to masturbate, as if you can get to know your body, learn what feels good and teach yourself how to orgasm on your own, it will be much easier for you to cum with your partner. Keep in mind that each woman’s body is different and what works for one woman won’t necessarily work for another one, but you should always keep exploring and trying new things to make your orgasms even better.

How to finger yourself to reach an unforgettable orgasm?

Getting turned on is the first step to making yourself cum

Even though you might be tempted to jump right in and start learning how to finger yourself, you shouldn’t start trying without getting aroused first. If you’re not turned on before you start fingering yourself, the whole process will be a lot less pleasurable, plus, it will be harder for you to have an orgasm.

A simple guide on how to deepthroat without gagging

How to deepthroat without gagging?

If you’ve ever tried deepthroating a cock or seen someone do it in a porn movie, you can probably guess that when it comes to deepthroating a penis, the biggest obstacle is your gag reflex.

How to make a woman cum?

When you first start having sex or watching porn, it seems like making a woman cum is a relatively easy thing to do. In fact, most men believe that vaginal penetration is enough to make a woman cum during sex, while in reality, less than 20% of women can cum from penetration alone.

5 kinky sex ideas to try with your girlfriend or boyfriend

Blindfold your partner during sex or foreplay

While blindfolds can seem pretty basic when it comes to kinky sex, it’s not just the fact that you’re using a blindfold that’s important, it’s how you use it. For instance, you can play the hot and cold game where you blindfold your boyfriend or girlfriend and use hot and cold stuff to play with them.

How to suck dick like a pro?

You may think that sucking a dick means pretty much the same as performing oral sex on a man. However, it’s not - when you perform oral sex, it is usually a gentle, sensual and slow process. On the other hand, when you properly suck a dick, it’s a passionate and intense act that makes both you and your man forget about your inhibitions and pretty much everything else in your lives.

Doggy style sex position explained

Both men and women love doggy style - it’s the perfect position for men who like to take control into their own hands and for women who love to feel submissive and let their man take charge. You may already know how to do the traditional doggy style sex position, but did you know that there are dozens of doggy style variations that you can do to spice up your sex life? Keep reading to discover how you can get the most pleasure from having sex doggy style.

How to give a handjob to your man

Don’t skip the foreplay. Even though it seems like a hand hob doesn’t need much foreplay, this is not true! You want to get your man nice and hard before you start jerking him off. Start to sensually kissing him and touching his crotch and thighs outside his pants before you unzip his pants and start touching his penis slowly and gently, building up the tension before actually starting the hand job.

How to turn a girl on in 8 easy steps

Being able to turn a girl on quickly and without failures is the ultimate dream superpower of many guys. Here we offer an easy step-by-step guide on how you can turn a girl on when you’re sitting next to her. The success of this method depends a lot of how carefully and consistently you’re following these rules and, of course, on whether or not the girl actually likes you.

8 simple ways to make your man horny for you

Men are fairly simple creatures when it comes to sex - no matter how old you man is, what he does for a living, where he is from or what his girl “type” is, you can check out our list of things that will leave him hornier than ever and we bet you, at least a few of those will make your guy’s sex drive shoot through the roof. Just try these tips one at a time until you find those that make him tick.

3 awesome tips for an unforgettable blow job

Lube it up. Getting the penis slippery and well-lubricated is the first and most important rule for a great blow job. This is the only way your man can really enjoy himself without getting uncomfortable because of friction - the skin on the penis is incredibly sensitive and it is very easy to irritate it or otherwise cause an unpleasant feeling.

5 easy tips to make a guy finish faster during a blow job

Blow jobs are a great way to become more intimate with your partner and give him some extra attention but let’s be honest, sometimes a blow job can take way longer than you want it to and it can get quite uncomfortable.